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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.31, No.4, 2001 (英訳)

Message from Chair of Standard Committee Noriyoshi FUKUMARU 3
Features〔Fostering a Creative Organizational Climate 〕
Introduction Kakuro AMASAKA 4
Creating an Innovative Business Organization Through Breakthrough Shoji SHIBA 6
Six Sigma and Corporate Culture Takahiro YUKINAWA 16
Administrative System Reform in Mie Prefectural Government
- Preception of Public Management Based on Citizens -
Masayasu KITAGAWA 21
Transmission of Technical Skill:a case study at the Ultraprecision Manufacturing Division of Prototypes in a Optical Company Takuo KUWANA 28
The Coach and the Promotion of Engineers in NEC Hiroshi HAYASHI 36
A Climate of Corporation Cultivated by SOC Education Yasushi NAGATA 44
Consideration on a Mechanism and its Elements for a Creative Organization Kenji MURAKAWA 55
Promotion of Oranizing Capability for Flexible Risk Management Toshiro TUTUI/
Sonemasa TADA/
Takashi SHIOKA/
Katsumasa IWAMOTO
The 17th Symposium of Science Council of Japan Engineering for Management and Administration of Liaison Committee Hideo YOSHIKAWA 71
The 67th Technical Conference Shoji OBA 74
Contributed Paper
Applications of Power Transformation Formulas of the F Distribution and a Power Normal Family Takafumi ISOGAI 89
Survey and Field Study
A Model of Consumer’s Quality Requirements from the Viewpoint of Attractive Quality and Must-be Quality Bonyoung KOO/
Takeshi NAKAJO
Contributed Article
Strategic Management by Policy to Reduce the Investment Risk Nobutoshi HATANAKA/
Hiroshi OSADA
Quality Report
The Recent Quality Trends in America Shu YAMADA 131


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