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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.31, No.3, 2001 (英訳)

Message from Chair of Public Information Committee Kazuyuki SUZUKI 3
Features〔Technology Development -Establishment of Core Competence and Core Technology〕
Introduction Akihko MASUDA 4
Some New Issues of Technology Development and Methodologies of Technology Management Tetsuo MIYAMURA 6
Schematic Development of Core Technology Based on Engineering Strategy Souichi KIYA 16
Development of Inverse Manufacturing System for "Quick Snap" Takayuki KURIYAMA 22
Efficient and Agile Production System Development using Information Technology: Risk-assessment using Production System Simulation and Simulation Environment for Distributed Engineering Keiji MITSUYUKI 30
Coordination of Different Technical Fields and Cultural Viewpoints in Game Software Creation Shigeru SAITO 38
R and D Activity in SMES Hisayoshi HASHIMOTO 44
Interview Seiji MURA/
Akihiko MASUDA
Report of Study Team to Hi-Tech Enterprise in Taiwan: We Learn from Hi-Tech, Enterprises in Taiwan:
"If Taiwan Can, Why Can't We…?"
Noriaki KANO 58
The 80th Symposium Tadashi OHFUJI/
Takeshi KANEKO
The Memorial Symposium of the 30th Anniversary of JSQC Eisuke SHIMADA 77
The 66th Technical Conference of the 30th Anniversary of JSQC Masahiko YAMAZAKI 82
Contributed Paper
Bootstrap Control Limits of X Charts in the Presence of Autocorrelation Hideo SUZUKI 99
A Method of Evaluating/Diagnosing TQM Considering its Development Process Shintaro NAKATUKASA/
Takeshi NAKAJO


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