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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.30, No.3, 2000 (英訳)

Let's Work in Cooperation with Other Academic and Professional Societies Atsushi OTAKI 3
Features〔Prevention: Its Technology and Management -What do We Learn from the Series of Recent Accidents〕
Introduction Takeshi NAKAJO 4
On the Critical Accident at the Uranium Processing Plant Hitoshi KUME 5
Technology and Management for Preventing Concreted Construction Accidents Hajime OKUMURA 12
Preventing Machine Accidents and International Standard of Safety of Machinery Masao MUKAIDONO 15
The Analysis and Prevention of Adverse Events in Health Care
Yasushi KODAMA 20
Proposal from JSQC for Analysis and Prevention of Organizational Accidents 25
Interim Report of the Research Group on Human Behavior Analysis and Management in the Complex Technology Fields: Error Management Takeshi NAKAJO 41
The 64th Technical Conference Kenji MURAKAWA 49
The Articles of JSQC 64
Applied Research
Consideration on a Method of Evaluating Management Systems Masaya OGINO/
Tsuyoshi NATORI/
Takeshi NAKAJO
Quality Report
Value, Quality, Price and Cost -Innovation of Quality Concept and CS: QDm VA/VE- Toshiyuki MOCHIMOTO 87
QC Salon
Participating in the JSQC Urgent Symposium Masao UMEDA 100


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