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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.21, No3, 1991 (英訳)

Contributed Paper Measurement Error and Reduction Factor in Production Process Control Takeshi Nakajo 3
Hitoshi Kume
Technical Note Trial and Examination of a Probability Paper for the Inverse Gaussian Distribution Kosei Iwase 13
Hiroshi Kubota
Noboru Nakamura
Shusaku Hiraki
Shoji Une
Applied Research An Empirical Study of Consumer Evaluation Factors for Quality in Mass-Market Services Shane J. Schvaneveldt 24
Takao Enkawa
Masami Miyakawa
Masao Akiba
Special Features Environmental Problem and Quality Control
Introduction Atsushi Ohtaki 34
Article Global Environmental Problem and Quality Control Shoichi Shimizu 36
Tutorial Environmental Management in the Age of Global Problems Masaaki Naito 43
Tutorial An Economic Evaluation of Recycling for Sustainable Development Kazuhiro Ueta 55
Tutorial Studies on Recycling of Solid Wastes Hiroshi Takatsuki 62
Tutorial Present Situation and Issues on Waste Disposal Service Provided in TOKYO Metropolitan Government Yasuo Tsukiashi 71
Tutorial Waste Paper and Recycled Makoto Hiraoka 84
Tutorial Current Use of Clean Energy Resources and Prospect on its Usage-prosperity Iwane Fujii 94
Case Method Environmental Management in NEC Keizo Fujimori 100
Reportage The 40th Symposium Nobuaki Ueda 109
News Letter from the Science Council of Japan 114


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