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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.49, No.4, 2019(英訳)

Message from Haed of Chubu Branch Ken NISHINA
Invited Article
Human Resources Development System for Tokyo Metro Subway Staff Koichi KAWAKAMI 4
Predictive Principal Variable Selection Criteria for Linear Regression Analysis with Applications to Statistical Quality Control−Basic Idea− Manabu KUROKI/Shun MATSUURA 11
Report of Special Interest Group
The Report of activities of“Service Excellence Division”and“Production Innovation Division”4th Research Meeting for Knowledge Sharing Kenichi NIIKURA 17
Report of Research Group
Proposal for Eradication Reinforcement of Quality Related Injustice (Part2;Through Material Related) Kenzo NAGAHARA 19
Proposal on Preventive Methodology against Predictable Inappropriate Manners in Quality Management (Vol 1) Koichi OHO 28
Serial [About JSQC Stndard]
JSQC-Std 22-001 Guidelines for New Product and Service Development Management Takeshi NAKAJO 37
The 416th Site Visit Yosuke IBARAKI 42
The 167th Symposium Akitaka ADACHI 47
The 120th Technical Conference Mutsumi YOSHINO 52
Quality Report  
Application of Non-Orthogonal Experiments to the Engineering Affairs Tetsuo MATSUMOTO/Yuki ASHITAKA 63


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