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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.48, No.4, 2018(英訳)

Message from Head of Chubu Branch Shinichi SASAKI
Message from Head of Kansai Branch Tsuyoshi KAMEDA
Invited Article
Science of “Monozukuri”, Factory Physics and Japanese approach Takao ENKAWA 5
Report of Special Interest Group
The report of activities of the study group on big data analysis in the quality control field(part 2)―SQC and Machine Learning― Takashi ONODA 12
About the Scene which Machine Learning can use as a Practical use Example in the Manufacturing Industry, and its Promotion Subject Makoto TANAKA 16
Machine Learning Application for Medical Systems Manufacturer Shinpei IJICHI 19
Committee Report
Intention of Activity Report from TQE Special Committee Kazuyuki SUZUKI 23
Data Science for Quality Management:Its Approaches and Education Hiroe TSUBAKI 27
Reform in the National Guideline of School Education for the Human Resources in Data Michiko WATANABE 33
A Challenge to Education and Industries in USA, and What Japan Needs to Learn Kazuyuki SUZUKI 39
Serial[About JSQC Standard]
JSQC-Std 41-001 Guidelines for Quality Management Education and Training Takeshi NAKAJO 46
The 403rd Site Visit and Workshop Takeshi KANEKO 52
The 164th Technical Conference Shinichi WATANABE 56
The 165th Symposium Nobuaki FUJII 61
The 117th Technical Conference Takahiko KOSUGI 65
Kick off Forum Kenichi NIIKURA 68


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