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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.44, No.1, 2014(英訳)

Message from President Takeshi NAKAJO
Features 〔The Beginning of Quality Control 〜Searching for the Roots of Quality Control〜Part3〕
Introduction to the Feature Masayoshi KOKUBUN 4
History of Quality Control Activities in Japan and Issues Related to Reliability Assurance Hajime MAKABE 5
The Process Capability Study  Tetsuro SUGIYAMA 12
Explore the Origins of TPM -Grope for the Principles of Immutability and Fluidity Hiroshi KUBOTA 19
Error Proof  Takeshi NAKAJO 25
Task Achieving QC Story Toshio KANEKO 30
Seven Tools for New Product Planning Noriaki KANDA 34
Searching for the origin of “Food Hygiene 7S”  Sadao KOMEMUSHI 38
Lessons Learnt from Introduction of Societal Quality Promotion Program under Cross-cultural Setting Shoji SHIBA 44
Education of Recognition, Creation and Management by Simulated Experience
−Experiential Learning of Data Management Based on Quality −
Takenori TAKAHASHI 49
Research and Development of Strategic Management by Policy(SMBP) Hiroshi OSADA 58
Serial [Understand the Specialty Skills for the Small and Medium-Sized Companies to Survive this Age of Change]
Customer Value Provision Management in this Age of Change at Yuki Precision co, Ltd.  Masaaki KANEKO 65
Serial [The New Thinking Method and Organization Management to Improve Values of Business〕
Introduction to the Serial  Yuichiro KATO 70
Values to be Changed and the Ability to be Enhanced in order to Ongoing Development of Attractive Products and Services Yuichiro KATO 71
Research Introduction
Development of the Methods for Preventing Patient Falls in Hospitals  Shogo KATO 77
Implementation of Process Oriented Analysis Method for Medication Incidents  Masataka SANO 81
The 145th Symposium (Chubu Branch) Makoto YOSHIDA 84
The 103rd Technical Conference(Kansai Branch) Taichi INABA 87
ANQ Congress 2013 Bangkok Shota KUME 91
The 43rd Annual Conference Tadashi SAITO 94
Technical Note    
Precision of the Estimation of the Response Mean and the Response Variance in Compound Noise Experiments Shun MATSUURA 123
Quality Report    
Error Proofing Principles and Application Support Tools for Bus Companies Shuhei YAOSAKA/Takeshi NAKAJO 135


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