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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.39, No.4, 2009(英訳)

Features〔Construction of the Technological Bases for Safety and Relief〕
Introduction to the Feature Yasuhiko TAMURA 3
Fundamental Concept of Safety Design Kenji SUGIHARA / Masao MUKAIDONO 7
Some Considerations and Subjects to Food Safety and Secure on Food Industry Sadao KOMEMUSHI 16
Establishment of Social Technology to Ensure Healthcare Safety and Relief Yoshinori IIZUKA/ Masahiko MUNECHIKA 24
Technological Bases for Nuclear Safety Masaharu KUDO/Shouhei MOTOHASHI/Hitoshi UEMATSU/
A Concept to Ensure Seismic Safety Ichiro SATO 39
Product Safety Implementation at Panasonic Electric Works
−Risk Assessment from Initial Product Development Stage and Safety Design Implementation−
Atsushi FUKUDA/Koji HATANO 45
Construction of the Structural Knowledge Base on SSM for the Safety of Machinery Toshihide MATSUDA/Kazuo ARIKADO 52
New Approach for Healthcare Safety−Structuring Clinical Knowledge for Patient Safety Using PCAPS− Satoko TSURU 60
The 90th Technical Conferrence Atsuro KAWAMOTO 68
Contributed Paper
Nine Principles for Error Prevention to Avert Safety Problems at Customer Usage Stage Kazuyuki SUZUKI / Ken AOKI 79
Contributed Paper
Parameter Design Using a Two-level Supersaturated Design Shun MATSUURA/Hideo SUZUKI/
Yuta HASEGAWA/Hirotaka KURE/
Hatsuo MORI
Technical Note
Proposal of a Procedure of RCA for Identifying Weakness of the Activities of Preventing Humans’ Inappropriate Behaviors Sho KUWANA / Takeshi NAKAJO 104
Contributed Article
Analysis of Business Systems of Top Share Companies
   −An Empirical Study on Capital Goods Industries−
Makoto MURAYAMA / Hiroshi OSADA 115



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