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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.39, No.2, 2009(英訳)

Message from Vice President
  Kazuyuki SUZUKI 3
Features〔QC Circle Activity so far and Here after〕
Introduction to the Feature Kenji MURAKAWA 4
Aiming Toward Further Development of QC Circle Activities Jyunichi HAMANAKA 10
Promotion of SPK (Syosyudan Process Kaizen) in Non-Manufacturing Workplaces Takeshi NAKAJO 18
The Essence of QC Circle Activities Live a Modern Life
- Grope for the Principles of Immutability and Fluidity -
Hiroshi KUBOTA 25
What we can Learn from QC Circle Activities in Overseas Countries
-QC Circle Activities as seen in Overseas Literature-
Katsutoshi AYANO 35
A Review of The Literature on Quality Circles in Social Science :
From a Perspective of Sociology of Work and Industry
Shinichi OGAWA 42
The Significance of QC Activities and Future Figures… From a Viewpoint of History and Circumstances at KYB Corporation and the Industrial Circles Yohichi FURUGOHRI 48
Protect your Kingdom by Yourself - An Ace for Workshop Vitalization Katsutoshi HIRAI 55
The 122nd Symposium Taizo ARAKAWA 63
The 125th Symposium Kenzo NAGAHARA 66
Contributed Paper
Developing the Knowledge Contents on ADL Required for the Processes for Determining Elderly Care Shogo KATO/
Satoko TSURU/
Yoshinori IIZUKA
A Prosess Oriented Method for Medication Incidents Masataka SANO/
Masaaki KANEKO
Technical Note
Signal to Noise Ratios Based on Mean-square Log Risk and its Testing the Homogeneity Toshihiko KAWAMURA/
Survey and Field Study
Cost Management in R&D
- An Empirical Study in the Pharmaceutical Industry -
Hiroshi OSADA



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