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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.36, No.4, 2006 (英訳)

Features 〔Why DNA in TQM is taken at the special issue? 〕
Introduction to the Feature Yoshiro MITSUFUJI 5
Value Engineering for Equipment Hidehiko HIGASHI 7
Experience in Introducing from IE, SQC to CWQC Masashi ASAO 11
Problem Solving Method by QC Approach Tadasu FUJITA 15
The Root of Quality Control in Japan Jiro KONDO 18
DNA of Q which I Recommend Yoshio KONDO 20
Ten Private Topics Shoichi SHIMIZU 24
Control Point / Policy Management / Systematization on TQM Yoji AKAO 28
Tradition and Creation Hajime MAKABE 31
The DNA of TQM which should be Conveyed Hajime KARATSU 35
Reconfirming The Great Seniors' DNA Tatsuo IKEZAWA 36
Deep Reflection Leads to One's True Success Ryuichi KOBAYASHI 40
TQM of the Japanese Hitoshi KUME 43
The Essence of TQM that I want to Pass Down -Its Roll for the Electric Power Business- Shoichiro KOBAYASHI 46
Approach in QC Way Kenji KUROGANE 49
"Fact Control" is the Basis Yasutoshi WASHIO 52
Universal Issues surrounding Reliability and Security of Software Products Ayatomo KANNO 55
DNA of TQM which I Want to be Inherited Noriaki KANO 59
Enrich Systems and QC Mindset Katsuya HOSOTANI 64
There is no Ending in TQM Activities Matabee Kenji Maeda 68
Ideal way of TQM Shirou FUJITA 71
Three Challenges to Open Your Future Shoji SHIBA 74
Statistical Mentality in Quality Control-The Double Helix of PDCA and QC Methods- Tadashi YOSHIZAWA 79
Challenges to the Quality Revolution at NEC and my Participation Hajime SASAKI 82
The 22nd FMES Symposium Kazushi NAGAI 86
The 108th Symposium Hisayoshi KATO 89
The 110th Symposium Kenji MURAKAWA 92
The 111th Symposium Noriaki KANDA 97
Contributed Paper
Assignment of Six-level Factors to L36 Orthogonal Array Takahisa KITAMURA /
Technical Note
A Systematic, Overall Self-Assessment Method of Small Group Activity that Aims to Contribute to Management Akiko KOBAYASHI /
Hiroshi OSADA
Survey and Field Study
Statistical Verification on Effects of Reducing Missing Functions with “Functional Requirements Implementation Management Table” for Software Akira Ohmori /
Hirozumi Tsujita
Contributed Article
Quality Management Model to Achieve Coevolution between Development in Digital Technology and Market ? An Empirical Study on Digital Camera Development ? Sadayo HIRATA /
Hiroshi OSADA


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