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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.35, No.3, 2005 (英訳)

NIH Syndrome vs Hakurai Syndrome Noriaki KANO 3
Features〔Creation of Customer Value and Quality Management〕
Introduction Hiroshi OSADA 5
The Role of TQM for Creating Customer Value Hiroshi OSADA 6
Learning “Customer Value Creation” from Best Practice Companies in U.S Kazue KIKAWADA 12
Community Formation with Client Yoshio IWASAKI 19
Creation of Customer Value at Shiseido Yasunari TANAKA 26
Quality Management for Creating Customer Value Hiroshi KUBOTA 31
Customer Value Creation from the Perspective of Marketing Management Yuichiro KATO 39
The 101st Symposium Shuji IWATA 46
The 77th Technical Conference Masahiko YAMAZAKI 49
Quality Report
A Survey of the Historical Transition of QC Circle Activities in China Yasuji SEKI 67
Error Proofing in Health Care Takeshi NAKAJO
Timothy G. CLAPP
A. Blanton GODFREY


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