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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.34, No.2, 2004 (英訳)

Message from Vice President Hiroshi KUBOTA 3
Features〔Step-up SQC〕
Introduction Yasushi NAGATA 4
Reconsideration of Control Charts Aiming at Their Development Ken NISHINA 6
Promoting a Better Understanding on Process Capability Indices Yasushi NAGATA 13
Regression Analysis for Causal Inference Masami MIYAKAWA 19
The Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments Shu YAMADA 25
Extract Withdom from Large Scale Data
-Datamining and Tree Model-
Yoichi SEKI 30
Analysis of Reliability Lifetime Data Kazuyuki SUZUKI 37
Statistical Analysis With Missing Data Manabu IWASAKI 46
Sensory Evaluation as a Measuring Method Yutaka IKEYAMA 51
The 72nd Technical Conference Toshihiro ASAOKA 59
The 3rd Quality Promoter's Meeting for JSQC Patronage Members Yukiko SAISHU 62
Contributed Paper
Detection of Deteriorated Samples in Clinical Chemistry Survey Naru ISHII/
Survey and Field Studyt
The Role of Corporate Culture in Corporate Value Creation Satoko OTOGURO/
Hiroshi OSADA


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