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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.33, No.4, 2003 (英訳)

Message from Head of KANSAI Branch
Hang in there! KANSAI. Shogo NAKAJIMA 3
Features〔Faithful to the Basics〕
Introduction Yukihiro ANDO 4
Recent Quality Assurance Activities in Toyota Motor Corporation Shinji TOYOTA 6
"Basic First" TPM Come Back Activity Yohichi FURUGOHRI 14
Basics of Procurement - Survival in the Grovalization Era- Kyosuke KAMIJO 21
"Japanese Manufacturing" -Recommendations and Suggestions for Managers Tomozo KOBATA 28
Use and Abuse of SQC Method. Toshiro HAGA 36
Now, Go back to the basics of "Policy Management" Yukihiro ANDO 42
The Results of the Questionnaire Survey About "Be Faithful to Basic Things" Editorial Committee of Quality 48
The 71st Technical Conference Yoshimichi WATANABE 53
The 91st Symposium Takayuki ASAKURA 66
The 92nd Symposium Kouzou IKEDA 69
Contributed Paper
On Countermeasures against Multicollinearity in Mahalanobis-Taguchi System Masami MIYAKAWA/
Yasushi NAGATA
Technical Note
Statistical Test of Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Binary Input-Output System Masami MIYAKAWA 86


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