Nov.1 2002

Instruction for Poseter Session at 16th AQS

Poster sessions will be held in parallel with oral sessions. At the poster session, participants present their papers through the discussion with the audiences. You have to make your posters that are easy to be seen and understood. Audiences are expected to attend and discuss with presenters.

The size of board being provided for each participant will be approximately 3 feet square (about 12 A4 size papers). Posters are supposed to be put on the board by magnets and tapes. You must prepare posters to be recognizable from about 3 meters distance. Furthermore, the handouts may help the audience to understand your research, because of CD-ROM proceedings. It may be enough to prepare 30 handouts. There is no facilities of copy machines at the symposium cite, so please prepare before attending symposium.

Time schedule is as shown below. You must be ready for your posters before starting time and remove them as soon as the session ends. We recommend attending at your poster all the time. Unless, you must attend at the session for at least one hour, and indicate the time you will be there at the lower right of your poster.

Poster A Poster B
preparation 10:30- 11:00 14:00- 14:20
presentation 11:00- 14:00 14:20- 17:20
AQS Program Committee