Instruction for paper format of 16th Asia Quality Symposium

Affiliation, city, AQS Organization, e-mail
Affiliation, city, AQS Organization, e-mail
Affiliation, city, AQS Organization, e-mail

Abstract: This is an instruction for writing and submitting your manuscript for the proceedings. The document shall be prepared in accordance with the instructions with the greatest care. For instance, the abstract section is to be indented 1.0 cm from the left and right margins.

Key Words: Instructions, Format, Submitting papers, Proceedings

Both oral and poster presenters must pass the following two steps:
(1): Full paper submission (DEADLINE: OCTOBER 15, 2002)
(2): Preparation for presentation
This instruction provided the information of (1):full paper submission. More details on (2): preparation for presentation will be provided later.

1 Introduction
The program committee of 16th Asia Quality Symposium held on November 15-16, 2002, invites the submission of accepted research papers. All submissions must be original, not presented at other conferences, published or under publication elsewhere.

2 Formatting of paper
Detailed instructions for formatting your paper are stated here. These instructions include complete descriptions of the fonts, spacing, and related information for producing the proceedings by the manuscripts.

2.1 Basic Formatting
Page set up: A4, single column for main text like this instruction.
The number of pages: Must not exceed 12 pages including all figures and references.
Top margin: 2.5cm
Bottom margin: 2.5cm
Left margin: 2.5cm
Right margin: 2.5cm
Main title: Bold, 14pt
Authors names, affiliations: 12pt
Abstract: Italic 11pt
Key words: 11pt
Heading 1(major sections): Bold, 12pt
Heading 2(sections within major sections): Bold, 12pt
Text: Times New Roman, 11pt

2.2 Main title
The main title should be at the top of the first page centered, initially capitalized. Leave one blank line after the main title.

2.3 Author name(s) and affiliation(s)
Author name(s) should be centered. Affiliation(s), city, AQS Organization, and e-mail address(es) should be centered in the next line to the author name(s). Leave two blank lines after the author name(s) and affiliation(s)
e.g. Yoshinori Iizuka,
The University of Tokyo,
Tokyo, JSQC,

2.4 Abstract
The paper must have an abstract. The abstract section should be indented 1.0 cm from the left and right margins and typed in italic font. The abstract should be single-spaced, and be up to 200 words in length. Leave one blank line after the abstract.

2.5 Keywords
Keywords should be put on the manuscript after the abstract. The Keyword section is to be indented 1.0 cm from the left and right margins. Five or less keywords which are not included in the main title should be given. Leave on blank line after the keywords.

2.6 Main text
Type your text in 11-point regular "Times New Roman" font in single-spaced. Do not use double-spacing.

2.7 Footnotes
Use footnotes sparingly and place them at the bottom of the page on which they are referenced. Prevent using footnotes as far as possible.

2.8 Figures and tables
Figures should be numbered consecutively as they appear in the text. Tables should be numbered consecutively as they appear in the text. All figures and tables should have a caption. Figures and tables must be numbered separately. Figure captions are to be centered below the figures. Table titles are to be centered above the tables.

2.9 Mathematical equations
Include equations in the text and number them in parenthesis, such as(1), at the right of the equation.

2.10 References:
References should be put at the end of the paper without number. References in the text are indicated by authors' names and year of publication such as "Shewhart (1931)." The references should be listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript according to the following manner.

Shewhart, W. A., (1931), The Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product, D. Van Nostrand Co., New York.
Yamada, S. and Lin, D. K. L., (1997), Supersaturated Design including an Orthogonal Base, The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 25 (2), 203-213.
Yoshizawa, M, (1998): Personal communication.

3 Full paper submission
All accepted manuscripts for oral and poster session are included into a CD-ROM edited by the program committee. The authors shall prepare a full paper based on the reviewers comment with following this instruction. The final manuscript shall submitted to
via attached file with an e-mail. The DEADLINE for submission is October 15, 2002. It is not guaranteed to be included CD-ROM for the delayed submission

As regard the word processing software, MS-Word is recommended. We ask the authors to send MS-Word manuscript file including figures and tables. The local characters and local fonts MUST NOT be used in the manuscript. The program committee will arrange to produce PDF file and put into a proceeding CD-ROM. When other software, such as LaTeX, is used, we ask the authors to send its PDF and source files of the manuscript by an attached file of e-mail. In such a case, we also ask to send the hard copy via airmail addressing to

16th AQS Secretariat, JSQC Secretariat
JUSE (Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers)
Ko-enji Minami 1-2-1, Suginami-ku, 166-0003 Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81-3:5378-1506   Fax: +81-3:5378-1507

4 Preparation for presentation
The next step after submitting a full paper is a preparation for presentation. Although more details will be informed you via e-mail or WEB, please keep in mind the following preparation.
For oral session presenter:
- Each presenter has 25 minutes including questions and answers
- Visual aids, such as slides with power point, are expected.
- We recommend to prepare about 30 handouts that introduces your presentation
- An LCD and an overhead projector are prepared in each session.
For poster session
- Three feet square space, such as a part of board, will be provided for three hours.
- Presenters are expected to introduce your poster to your visitors.
- In more detail, we will present some remarks on the Web site of 16AQS

Finally, we are looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo!

Best wishes,
Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC)
16th AQS Organizing Committee