Instruction for oral presentation at 16th AQS

This is an instruction for oral presentation at 16th AQS. Please read the following instruction carefully and prepare to make your presentation wonderful!

Before starting your session, please contact your session chairperson because the chairperson will introduce you in the session.

You have 25 minutes for your presentation including question and answers. We suggest 17-20 minutes for talk and the rest 8-5 minutes for Q&A. Standard schedule is 25mitutes for each talk and Q&A as follows.
Presentation = talk + Q&A
25min = 17-20min + 8-5 min
DO NOT EXCESS 25 minutes for your talk. The session chair makes stopping your talk if your talk does not finished at 25minutes past.

The program committee prepares
One set of PC + LCD projector
One overhead projector
for each session room. If you would like to use LCD projector, please bring your electric file for your presentation, such as power point file by FLOPPY DISK or CD. The LCD projectors are the standard type that is expected to connect standard video port of PC. In addition, we have not tried to connect Macintosh computer. When you want to use the LaTeX output file, we recommend preparing PDF files from DVI files.

We strongly recommend preparing handouts Handout, such as a copy of the power point file, summary of the papers, etc., for the audience of your talk. Since the symposium-proceedings is provided by CD-ROM, the audience have few chance to know your research precisely. The handouts may help the audience to understand your research. It may be enough to prepare 30 handouts, although there may be some exceptions. There is no facilities of copy machine at the symposium cite, so please make copies before the joining symposium.