Invitation for Participation

The 16th Asia Quality Symposium

November 15-16, 2002
JUSE, Tokyo, Japan


Prof. Noriaki Kano,
Japanese Society for Quality Control

Welcome to the 16th Asian Quality Symposium at Tokyo!

The Korean Soccer Team reached the final four of the World Cup. China and Taiwan joined WTO. East Asian countries have achieved equal partnership with the West and have begun or are beginning to challenge toward World Leadership. South East Asian countries have recovered from the currency crisis attack in 1997 and have begun or are beginning various experiments for growth toward new developments. South Asian countries have achieved sustained growth after initial apprehensions of liberalized economy and have met or are meeting the challenges of Globalization. Now Asia is moving rapidly.

In the World of Quality, in response to this trend some quality experts expressed their desire to establish a quality organization of quality to learn from each other's knowledge and experience that would support rapid economic growth and the consequent improvement in quality of life in the Asia.

At an informal preparatory meeting held in Tokyo on July 27, 2002 seven quality organizations from different parts of Asia participated. At this meeting it was resolved to start preparation for establishing Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) as the quality organization of Asia by expanding Asia Quality Symposium (AQS). Towards this end "Tokyo Appeal 2002 was adopted. -->

The following is just its preface:
  "Asia faces a quality evolution.
- The quality of products and services produced in Asia has evolved outstandingly so as to go beyond the quality standards of the World Market. Therefore, Asia is called as "Plant of the World".
- Moreover, the focused quality is evolving from the quality of manual work to the quality of knowledge work, and the image of Asia is changing from providing "Simple and cheap labor" to providing "Knowledge work at a reasonable cost".
- In addition, Asia will face the quality evolution of strategic management toward the global market rather than bilateral trades.

Needless to say, there must be a development of quality management behind an economic development. The quality evolution observed in Asia is a good omen for the future great advances of Asia and its people."
In addition, this appeal is concluded with the following sentence:
  "ANQ will hold its preparatory meeting at AQS conference to be held in Tokyo on November 15-16, 2002."

The Asia Quality Symposium (AQS) is a quality conference, which has been held in one of the cities in Korea, Taiwan and Japan every year since 1986(JSQC has participated since 1991. Before this, it was held at one city in Korea or Taiwan.), to promote sharing of knowledge and experience for sound development of Asia through "quality". The AQS Steering Committee held in Daedeok, Korea in 2001 decided to invite quality experts from many quality related organizations in Asia to the 16th AQS - Tokyo. Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC) will host the 16th AQS, under the symposium theme of "Sustainable growth - Asian Quality in the 21st century".

It has been reported by the AQS program committee that the number of papers accepted by the referees are 66 from 10 countries/regions. Therefore, we are convinced that the forthcoming AQS will provide attractive and interesting opportunities rich in variety of programs including contributed papers, invited papers, special lectures, SIG (special interest group), company visit, tutorials, and information exchanges, and we can share the various values among participants. We would be pleased to encourage all quality related experts, researchers, practitioners and students to participate in the 16th AQS.

The coming 16th AQS Tokyo will add one new page to the history of Quality in Asia by the Preparatory Meeting for Asian Network for Quality as well as the participation from many Asian countries/regions.

Invitation to the 16th Asia Quality Symposium
Kazuyuki Suzuki, Professor
Chair of 16AQS Program Committee

The 16th Asia Quality Symposium (16AQS) will be held in Tokyo on November 15th and 16th as the first step towards starting an Asian Network for Quality (ANQ). We will have the special privilege of Dr. Genichi Taguchi, the world-renowned expert on quality, presenting a tutorial lecture on Taguchi Methods. There will also be a special lecture on "Factory Automation based on Human and Technology" by Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. The presentations will consist of 9 invited presentations, 39 contributed papers in oral sessions and 18 in poster sessions. The papers were selected carefully from many submitted papers. They cover such topics as TQM activities in Asia, current quality trends, quality methods and theory, in which we can feel excellence in quality management. There will also be special interest group (SIG) meetings aimed at developing closer relations among TQM specialists in Asia. Other highlights include the keynote address by Mr. Akira Takahashi (President elect of JSQC), opening speeches by representatives of the organizations in ANQ, and a visit to a skyscraper construction site. We encourage you to attend and participate in this conference. And then, this will be helpful for us to better work together and for TQM to further contribute to economic development in Asia.

Time and place

Dates: November 15 (Fri) - 16(Sat), 2002
Venue: JUSE (The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers)
1-2-1 Koenji Minami, Suginami-ku, 166-0003 Tokyo, Japan
Fax: +81-3:5378-1507
17:00-19:00 Welcome Cocktail
9:30-12:30 Company Visit (Maeda Corp.)
13:00-15:30 Tutorial Session (Dr. Genichi Taguchi)
15:30-16:00 Break
16:00-18:00 Opening Session
Keynote Address: Mr. Akira Takahashi, 2003 President, JSQC
Opening Speeches: Delegations Representing Participating Organizations
18:00-20:00 Banquet
Address from Dr. Noriaki Kano, 2001-2 President, JSQC
SIG (Special Interest Groups)
9:30-10:30 Special Lecture (Mr. Tadashi Naito)
10:30-10:40 Break
  Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4 Stream 5
10:40-12:00 Session 11
Session 21
Session 31
Data + CRM
Session 41
Poster Session A

12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
13:00-14:20 Session 12
Data Mining
Session 22
Audit & Practice
Session 32
Health Care
Session 42
Taguchi Method
14:20-14:30 Break 14:20-17:20
Poster Session B
14:30-15:50 Session 13
Session 23
Service Quality
Session 33
Standard and ISO 9000
Session 43
Information Sharing
15:50-16:00 Break
16:00-17:20 Session 14
Session 24
Quality Design and Control
Session 34
Recent Topic
Session 44

Company visit
We have prepared a short tour to visit the high altitude house construction site that is adopting the latest technology.
Meet at Sendagaya Station (JR), 9:00am Nov. 15th.
More details will be provided to participants.

Lunches will be provided during the symposium. Please check the menu of preference in the registration form.

Tutorial Session

Opening Session
Keynote address: Akira Takahashi, 2003 President, JSQC
Opening speeches: Delegations from participating organizations; CAQ、CSQ (Chinese Taipei)、HKSQ、ISQ、KSQM、SQAT、STAMEQ

Dress Code: Business Casual
Address from Dr. Noriaki Kano, 2001-2 President, JSQC

SIG (Special Interest Group)
SIGs provide you with the opportunity to talk on specified topics, such as software quality, SPC, etc., SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP (SIG) will be held during the banquet. The details will be announced on the Web site.

Special lecture

Oral Session
Excellence (Stream1: 10:40-12:00)
1. Quality−Sustainable Way to Business Excellence
Yoshio Kondo ( Kyoto University, JSQC )
2. Key Quality Indicators (KQI) for Competitive Advantages
Supote Suwanpimolkul ( S.K. Polymer Co., Ltd, SQAT )
3. A Structured Approach for Integrating Technology and Business Strategies
Park Young Hyun ( Kangnam University, KSQM )
Data Mining (Stream1: 13:00-14:20)
1. An Overview on Industrial Applications of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Masato Koda (University of Tsukuba, JSQC)
2. A Method to Extract Customer Behavior Patterns from POS Data including customer ID
Yoichi Seki (Gunma University, JSQC)
3. Text Mining to Discover User Needs in Product Planning
Akihiro Kimura and Atsushi Ootaki (Meiji University, JSQC)
Award (Stream1: 14:30-15:50)
1. Towards World Class Quality through TQM
V. R. Janardhanam (Sundram Brake Linings Ltd., ISQ)
2. Practice and Experience of Bao Steel Applying for National Quality Management Award
Wang Guoquing (Bao Steel Co.Ltd, CAQ )
3. Achieving Business Performance Excellence through a Comprehensive Quality Approach
A.K. Maheshwari and Rituraj Shah (Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. Ltd., SQAT)
Management (Stream1: 16:00-17:20)
1. Sustaining Employee Involvement and Total Quality Management Implementation: An Empirical Study
Kit Fai Pun ( The University of the West Indies, HKSQ ), Kwai Sang CHIN ( City University of Hong Kong, HKSQ )
2. Development of A Management Quality Information System
Wan Seon Shin and Man Hee Park ( Sung Kyun Kwan University, KSQM )
3. Research on the PDCA-based Integration of Management Systems
You Jinaxin and Du Xuemei ( Tongji University, Shanghai, CAQ )
QFD (Stream2: 10:40-12:00)
1. QFD Improvement by Application of Taguchi Quality Concept
Sangbok Ree ( Seokyeong University, KSQM )
2. An Improved QFD-based Approach to determine the Engineering Characteristics
Tsai Y.C.Joyce and Kwai Sang Chin ( City University of Hong Kong, HKSQ )
3. Research of Quality Function Deployment for Service Quality of Extension Education - A Case Study of Extension Education
Jhy-Ping Jhang and Chi-Tai Lien ( Center in Huafan University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) )
Audit & Practice (Stream2: 13:00-14:20)
1. The Scope of An Integrated Management System Audit---on "Integrated Audit"
Zhenfei Deng ( Quality Assurance Center of China Association for Quality, CAQ )
2. Task Achieving QC story: "Changing small site contractors behavior by using ready mixed concrete instead of hand-mixed concrete"
Teerayut Punmeechaow and Chaiwat Thepjun ( The CPAC ready mixed concrete (South) Co.,Ltd, SQAT )
3. Poka-Yoke: How to Apply in the Service
Aaron Tong and Joyce Leung ( TQM Consultants Co Ltd, HKSQ )
Service Quality (Stream2: 14:30-15:50)
1. A Study to Identify the Possible Measures of Service Quality for a Family Restaurant by Use of SSQ(Scope of Service Quality) Model
Youn Sung Kim (Inha University, KSQM)
2. CRM in the view of PCF
Sang Chan Park (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KSQM)
3. Opportunity Finding for Customer Value Creation
Young-Taek Park (Sungkyunkwan University, KSQM)
Quality Design and Control (Stream2: 16:00-17:20)
1. x-Control Chart With Variable-Sampling-Interval for a Continuous-Flow Process
Fong-Jung Yu (Da-Yeh University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei)) and Yun-Shiow Chen (Yuan-Ze University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei))
2. An Intelligent Approach for Parameter Design with Dynamic Characteristics: A Case Study
Chao-Ton Su (National Chiao Tung University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei)) and Hsiao-Ling Chan (National Chiao Tung University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei))
3. A Study for the Determination of Threshold Value of Supportability in Association Rule - From Cost Viewpoint
Yun-Shiow Chen (Department of Industrial engineering and management, CSQ (Chinese Taipei)) and Min-Xun Guo( Yuan-Ze University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei))
Data + CRM (Stream3: 10:40-12:00)
1. Discussions of Customer Relationship Management
Hsin-Hung Wu ( Taichung Healthcare and Management University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) ), Fong-Jung Yu ( Da Yeh University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) ), and Ming-Jen Chiou ( St. John's and St. Mary's Institute of Technology, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) )
2. Application of Structural Equation Modeling to Marketing Research
Yasushi Yamarai and Masamori Ihara ( Osaka Electro-Communication University, JSQC )
3. A Case Study on Latent Problems of New Product Development Process
Health Care (Stream3: 13:00-14:20)
1. Usefulness of The Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) in Health Care----Our Experiences
Tatsuo Yanagawa, Shuhei Iida, MQI members ( Nerima General Hospital, JSQC )
2. Clinical Pathway Adaptive to Patient State
Yoshie Hiraoka ( The University of Tokyo, JSQC ), Shizuo Ito ( Faculty of Medicine, Niigata University, JSQC ), and Yoshinori Iizuka ( The University of Tokyo, JSQC )
3. A Model for Creating Elderly Care Plans
Takayuki Imai and Shogo Kato ( The University of Tokyo, JSQC ), Tomomichi Suzuki ( Tokyo University of Science, JSQC ) and Yoshinori Iizuka ( The University of Tokyo, JSQC )
Standard and ISO 9000 (Stream3: 14:30-15:50)
1. ASEAN Activities on Standards and Conformity Assessment
Nguyen Huu Thien ( Standards and Quality, STAMEQ )
2. A study on the Environmental Management Evaluation
Tsuyoshi Kametani ( Nagoya Institute of Technology, JSQC )
3. ISO 9000 Performance: Effects of Firm Size in Japanese Industries
Rita Arauz and Hideo Suzuki ( University of Tsukuba, JSQC )
Recent Topics (Stream3: 16:00-17:20)
1. Development of Assessment System for Supply Chain Management Performance
Jendy P F Leung and kwai Sang Chin ( City University of Hong Kong, HKSQ )
2. Strategic and sustainable CI capability: Findings from a Multiple Case Study on the use of Balanced Scorecard in Sweden
Mandar Dabhilkar and Lars Bengtsson ( University of Gavle, Sweden )
3. New Assessment Method for Research and Development
Setsuo Kodato ( Aniritsu Corparetion, JSQC ) and Hiroshi Osada ( Yamanashi University, JSQC )
DE (Stream4: 10:40-12:00)
1. Evaluation of multi-level supersaturated designs
IIDA Takahisa ( KEIO University, JSQC )
2. Evaluation of Methods for Estimating Error Variance of Saturated Fractional Factorial Experiments
Seiichi Yasui, Yoshikazu Ojima and Tomomichi Suzuki ( Tokyo University of Science, JSQC )
3. Improve TQFP Molding Process Using An Integrated Soft Computing Approach
Tai-Lin Chiang ( Ming Hsin Institute of Technology, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) ) and Chao-Ton Su ( National Chiao-Tung University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) )
Taguchi Method (Stream4: 13:00-14:20)
1. Optimization in Supply Chain Systems Using Taguchi Methods
Liang-Tzung Lin and Huen-Ho Chiang ( Hsiuping Institute of Technology, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) )
2. Correction of Bias to the Customer Requirement value of the Characteristic value in the Parameter Design
Keishiro Suehiro and Takenori Takahashi ( Tokyo University of Science, JSQC )
3. The Integration of Fuzzy Q-Analysis and Taguchi Method for Welding Parameters Design with Multi-attribute Quality Characteristics
Sheng-Chai Chi and Wei-Jee Chen( Huafan University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) )
Information Sharing (Stream4: 14:30-15:50)
1. A Study on An Expansion of An ISO 9001 to cover Product Liability
Joong-Sik Park, Kwan-Suk Lee and Hyung-Bong Ro(Hongik University, KSQM)
2. A Study on Describing the Failure Information
Masataka Tanaka, Michiyo Matsui, Masahiro Imai and Takenori Takahashi (Tokyo University of Science, JSQC )
3. Quality Management System for Realization of 0-defect in Manufacturing in 21 Century " Yoshikawa (Y) Method "
Hideo Yoshikawa ( Intellect Co., Ltd, JSQC ) and Kazuo Hoshino ( BOSCH Braking Systems Co., Ltd, JSQC )
Reliability (Stream4: 16:00-17:20)
1. Applying Systems Engineering for Successful Design and Development of a Performance Measurement System
Kongkiti Phusavat ( Kasetsart University, SQAT )
2. Not only process but testing for software quality
Yasuharu Nishi ( SQC Inc., JSQC )
3. Lifetime Estimation based on Field Failure Data and Discarding Information
Lianhua Wang, Kazuyuki Suzuki and Wataru Yamamoto ( University of Electro-communications, JSQC )
Poster Session
Poster Session A (11:00- 14:00)
1. A Study on a PL system for Automobile Parts Manufacturers with QS-9000 System
Myung-Hyun Cho, Kwan-Suk Lee and Il Han ( Hongik University, KSQM )
2. Quality Failure and its Prevention Activities in Design Process
Nam Doo Lee, Shin Wan Kang and Sang Jin Kim ( HSD Engine, KSQM )
3. Comparison between the Taiwanese and the British experience of ISO 9000 and TQC in the Textile Industry
Ching-Shaw Huang ( National Taipei university of Technology, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) )
4. Enhancement of Website User Satisfaction Using Structural Equation Model
Ingie Baek, Youngho Chun and Heesok Park ( Hongik University, KSQM )
5. Research on Customers' Visit and Purchase Behavior in an Internet Shopping Mall for Consumers
Masumi Akita, Hitoshi Ito and Noriaki Kano ( Tokyo University of Science, JSQC )
6. Partnering to Success in an Infrastructure Construction Project
Albert H.C. Tsang( The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HKSQ )
7. A Study On The Cost Of Continuing Educational Quality
Jaw-Sin Su, Ching-San Chiang and Pei-Ling Wu( Chinese Culture University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) )
8. Application of Generalized Linear Model to Multi-level Structural Data
Toshifumi Moriwaki and Masamori Ihara ( Osaka Electro-Communication University, JSQC )
Poster Session B (14:20- 17:20)
1. An Empirical Study on the Total Quality Management Performance based on the SCM
Gye-Soo Kim ( Semyung University, Korea, KSQM )
2. The Quality Improvement Model of Six Sigma Project
Chi Ming Kuan ( Secretary General of CSQ (Chinese Taipei), CSQ (Chinese Taipei) )
3. The Ticket Price System Design for Audiences Satisfactions - A case of The National Theater in Taipei
Mei-Ching Tseng, Yu-Ying Ou and Jaw-Sin Su ( Chinese Culture University, CSQ (Chinese Taipei) )
4. A Survey for Quality Science in China
Jichao Xu( Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautics, CAQ )
5. An Approach to Preliminary Process Planning for Quality
Lian-Yu Zheng and Kwai-Sang Chin(Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics City University of Hong Kong, HKSQ)
6. A Proposed hierarchical framework for Supplier Quality Management
I Ki Yeung and Kwai Sang Chin ( University of Hong Kong, HKSQ )
7. Application of Control Charts in High Quality Processes
Jae Won Paik and Chang Wook Kang ( Graduate School of Hanyang University, KSQM )
8. Statistical Quality Management Based on Two Types of Statistical Quality Control
Takenori Takahashi and Hiroo Sawada ( Tokyo University of Science, JSQC )
9. Costs and profits of ISO 9000 certification
Masahiro CHIBA, Shu YAMADA, and Takeshi FUKUDA ( Tokyo University of Science, JSQC )
Official Language
The official language of the symposium is English. Simultaneous interpretation will not be prepared.

CD-ROM Proceedings of the symposium will be provided. Printed matter such as a program will be distributed on that day. Each speaker is to provide his/her hand-out materials.

Registration Fee
Registration fee: USD120 (JPY15,000)
The registration fee includes two-day Symposium, proceedings, welcome cocktail, company visit, tutorial, lunch-boxes, and Banquet.
Please pay the registration fee at the reception desk in CASH (TRAVELLER'S CHECK and CREDIT CARD NOT accepted).

Registration Form
Please register online (Deadline: Nov. 7th)
IMPORTANT: All participants (including speaker, co-authors, session chair) must submit through the Web site above. DO NOT miss it.

Reception Desk Hours
Nov. 14th: 16:00 - 19:00
Nov. 15th: 09:30 - 20:00
Nov. 16th: 09:00 - 17:00
Please pay your registration fee at the reception desk, and receive the proceedings (CD-ROM), program, nametag, etc. If possible, please register on Nov. 14th and participate in the welcome cocktail held in the evening of Nov.14.

Further information
The symposium web site:
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Contact person: Ms. Yuko Abe
Fax: +81-3:5378-1507

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16AQS Organizing Committee (JSQC KOKUSAI Committee)

  • Yoshinori Iizuka , Chair
  • Kakuro Amasaka
  • Takeshi Kaneko
  • Kazuyuki Suzuki
  • Hideo Suzuki
  • Yasushi Nagata
  • Nobutaka Fujiwara
  • Shu Yamada

16AQS Program Committee

  • Yoshinori Iizuka
  • Takahisa Iida
  • Tadashi Ohfuji
  • Takeshi Kaneko
  • Kazuyuki Suzuki , Chair
  • Tomomichi Suzuki
  • Hideo Suzuki
  • Yasuhiko Tamura
  • Yasushi Nagata
  • Ken Nishina
  • Shu Yamada
  • Aaron W K Tong(HKSQ)
  • Kwai-Sang Chin(HKSQ)
  • Hyung-Wook Kim(KSQM)
  • Young-Taek Park(KSQM)
  • Yung-Ho Suh(KSQM)
  • Sang Chan Park(KSQM)
  • Idaris D. Simorangkir(IQMA)