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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.31, No1, 2001

Message from President Noriaki Kano 3
Message from President Matabee Maeda 4
Features Management Technology for Innovation/Improvement in Organization
Introduction Koji Kozuki 5
Yoshiro Mitsufuji
Innovation /Improvement in Organization and its Subjects Koji Kozuki 7
Yoshiro Mitsufuji
Management Technology for Strategic Business Planning -New Wave and Future Problem- Hiroshi Osada 14
Plan & Execution of CVS Business Strategy Satoru Iwasaki 24
Yuji Machiya
Organizational Reform and Business Process Reengineering in Supply Chain Management Masayuki Enomoto 27
Management Technology for Policy Deployment and Sense-Values Sharing in the Stream of Reorganization Tadashi Ohfuji 35
A New Style Movement by People and Term Yasuhiko Aoki 42
Yukari Ando
Small Group Activities at Motorola Yoshihiko Nakagawa 55
Implementation of Top Management Audit and the Importance of Business Planning Kaoru Shimoyamada 59
Effectual Internal Audit Process for Management Noriyoshi Fukumaru 64
Activity Report of Research Section Final Report: "Visionary Management in TQM" Case Study Team Yoji Akao 70
Kozo Koura
Reportage The 30th Annual Conference Tadoru Yamamoto 74
Reportage The 14th Asia Quality Symposium 2000 Taipei Chang Yuan-Tsung 86
Reportage The 77th Symposium Kei Inayoshi 90
Reportage The 79th Symposium Masanori Kitajima 94
Topics The 79th Symposium Proceedings: Keynote Address Lessons Learned About Quality Improvement in Health Care: The American Experience Donald M. Berwick 126
Topics The 79th Symposium Proceedings: Plenary Address Improving Patient Safety Donald M. Berwick 135
Contributed Paper Lifetime Estimation Based on Warranty Data without Date-of-sale Information -Cases Where Usage Time Distributions Are Known Lianhua Wang 148
Kazuyuki Suzuki
Contributed Paper A Study on the Method to Manage Design Knowledge on Failures -The Acquisition of knowledge on Failures Based on Stress-Strength Model- Yasuhiko Tamura 168
Yoshinori Iizuka
Applied Research Study on the Relationships between the Value Index and Consumer's will for a Product Satoru Abe 181
Takeshi Nakajo
Survey and Field Study A Study on the Success Factors of Product Planning and Effectiveness of the Planning Methods Kazuhiko Maruyama 189
Noriaki Kanda

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