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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.30, No.4, 2000

Message Innovation and Improvement on the Editorial Board of the Journal "Quality" Takeshi Nakajo 3
Features Transformation and Enhancement of Management Quality -Systematization of Management Technologies in the 21st Century
Introduction Kakuro Amasaka 5
Change of Quality used in Management Ryuzo Kaneko 8
The Changes in the Quality of Partnerships and it's Management Hidemi Takasu 14
Change in Quality Required for Generating Products and Service Minoru Saito 23
Trial of New Management System Construction for Enterprise Tatsumi Kimura 33
Quality in Healthcare Services and its Management Yoshinori Iizuka 43
Masahiko Munechika
Evaluating Quality of Staff's Activities Based on "Market Values" Hiroshi Odajima 55
Consideration on New Quality Management Minoru Sakuda 65
Reportage The 76th Symposium Kouzo Ikeda 74
Reportage The 78th Symposium Toshio Kaneoka 79
Reportage The 65th Technical Conference Takeshi Urano 83
Reportage The 16th Symposium of Science Council of Japan Engineering for Management and Administration of Liaison Committee Shu Yamada 90
Contributed Paper A Guideline for Selection of Evaluation Words Used in Questionnaire of Kansei Quality Masahiko Munechika 96
Takashi Miwa
Applied Research Application of Hybrid Modeling to POS Data Analysis Tetsuo Kadowaki 109
Norio Suzuki
Tokuhira Susuki
Atsushi Ohtaki
Quality Report A Set of TQM Self -Assessment Modules Jun-ichi Jido 121
Youzo Ito
Mikio Iwase
Mamoru Ohhashi
Katsuya Hosotani
Takanori Yoneyama
Takeshi Nakajo
QC Salon Wisdom and Practice for Prevention Shigeo Nagasawa 128

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