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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.30, No.2, 2000

Message from Vice-President In Celebration of the Coming 30th Year of the Society Tateo Yamaoka 5
Message from Vice-President Let's Promote Quality Management Based on Product Quality Management Noriaki Kano 6
Features Improvement of ISO 9000s Quality System and Revision Process of ISO 9000s: 2000
Introduction Noriyoshi Fukumaru 7
Overview of Quality Management System Registration in Japan Takashi Ohtsubo 8
ISO 9000s for Second Parties Audit Noriyoshi Fukumaru 16
The Practical Use on ISO 9000 Series for Subcontractors Eikichi Hiruma 23
TQM the Next Stage of ISO 9001 QMS Ken-ichi Okuyama 30
ISO 9000s in the Service Industry a Report from the Site of Medical Service Kazuhiro Hirata 38
Year 2000 Revision of ISO 9000 Series Standards Yoshinori Iizuka 45
Activity Report of Research Section The Final Report of Research Project on TQM for Health Naruo Uehara 55
Survey and Field Study Relationships between the Method of Educating/Training/Motivating Workers and the Errors that Occurred when Workers did not Follow Operation Standards Takashi Kikuchi 63
Takeshi Nakajo
Contributed Article The Optimum Organization to Obtain the Core Competence Effectively in Strategic Management by Policy (SMBP) Nobutoshi Hatanaka 72
Hiroshi Osada
Quality Report Reason's Engineering Approach to Organizational Accidents and Safety Culture Kenji Tanaka 84

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