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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.29, No.1, 1999

Message from Vice-President Pursuing TQM to Enhance Industrial Competitiveness Matabee Maeda 3
Features Risk Management for Enterprises
On the Feature of "Risk Management for Enterprises" Akihiko Masuda 4
Introduction of Risk Management for Enterprises Akihiko Masuda 5
International Standardization of the Risk Management System Hiroshi Kuwayama 14
Corporate Emergency Management Planning Makoto Kobayashi 23
Kirin Beer's Crisis Management System and the Company's Response to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Yasutoshi Saito 31
Is Quality Management Approach Effective for Crisis Management? Risk Management at the Hanashin-Awaji Earthquake Hidehiko Yukawa 38
Management Strategy and Risk Management Pursuing TQM to Enhance Industrial Competitiveness Hiroshi Osada 42
Risk Management of Global Parts Purchasing Tetsuo Miyamura 47
Risk Management of Global Software Purchasing Ryozo Kaneko 51
Information Network for Risk Management Kenji Tanaka 54
Reportage The 60th Technical Conference Takaharu Araki 58
Reportage The 12th Asia Quality Symposium 1998 Seoul Takashi Miyazu 61
Contributed Paper Creation of Knowledge Dynamics through Design Review -Consideration from the Organizational Metacognitive Point of View- Tetsuo Miyamura 68
Contributed Paper Estimation of Causal Effects in Causal Diagrams and its Application to Process Analysis Manabu Kuroki 79
Masami Miyakawa
Contributed Paper Obtaining and Evaluating Critical Values for Two-Level Orthogonal Arrays Analysis Yoshikazu Ojima 90
Araki Kouda
Masao Okuhara
Survey and Field Study Effect of ISO 9000 and TQM Activities on Organization's Changeability and Stability Toru Kanai 99
Takeshi Nakajo
Survey and Field Study Effect of Work Management System on Human Error Occurrence Takeshi Nakajo 111
Katsunori Yoshii
Takashi Kikuchi

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