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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.28, No.4, 1998

Message from Head of Chubu Branch Revitalize!! Industrial Society through the New Management Way Masuo Amano 3
Features Technology Innovation and TQM
Introduction Hiroshi Osada 4
Innovation as a Learning Process Fumio Kodama 5
Management of Technology for Exciting Innovation Akio Yamanouchi 15
Constructing Good Technologies: About Social Acceptance of Technology Shin-ichi Kobayashi 24
Technical Evolution & Strategic Management Keiichi Shimakura 32
Technology Innovation and Creation of Attractive Products Syuzo Muroto 43
TQM's Role for Technology Innovation Hiroshi Osada 51
Reportage The 70th Symposium Satoshi Yamada 60
Reportage The 71st Symposium Tetsuya Kunishima 63
Reportage The 59th Technical Conference Den-ichi Nakagawa 68
Reportage FUMES 14th Symposium Yoshikazu Ojima 73
Quality Report Case Studies of Pricing by QDm Toshiyuki Mochimoto 77

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