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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.27, No.4, 1997

Message Number of Papers and JSQC future Takao Enkawa 3
Features Frontiers of QC Activities in Production Fields
Introduction Yukihiro Ando 4
Competitive Advantage in Japanese Electronics Industry Masahiro Akutsu 6
Shop Floor Report Vehicle Manufacturing Hidetaka Hayama 14
Toward 21st Century Version Brewery -The Hokuriku Brewery of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.- Yoji Kimuzuka 22
TQM Challenge for Digitizing Technical Expertise Seiji Mura 30
The Concurrent Implementation of Quality Assurance and Cost Reduction Shigeru Kouyama 37
The Frontier of "Visual Process Management" An Example in Daihen Co., Ltd. Toru Matsubara 43
TQM Activity in Fuji Xerox's Factory Masataka Yoshizawa 52
Toshiyuki Hanzawa
Activity Report of Research Section The Final Report of Product Planning Research Group Noriaki Kanda 58
Reportage The 55th Technical Conference Toshiyasu Matsushima 65
Reportage The 57th Technical Conference Toshio Kaneoka 79
Reportage The 65th Symposium Denichi Nakagawa 84
Reportage FMES The 13th Symposium Takahisa Iida 89
Contributed Paper Studies on Principles of Countermeasures for Minor-stoppages Shu-Wen Chang 98
Contributed Paper Effective Cause & Effect Analysis of Failure Modes Using the Failure Mode Mechanism Diagram Kyung-Hun Jeong 108
Yoshinori Iizaka
Contributed Paper Effects of Correlation Between Explanatory Variables in the Linear Calibration Problem Shu Yamada 117
Technical Note Estimated Linear Graphs and the Way to Use Masami Miyakawa 125
Survey and Field Study An Empirical Investigation on Commonness in Essential Required Quality Items between Purposes of Buying Products Takeshi Nakajo 132
Survey and Field Study Quality System standards according to Factory Characteristics Touru Kanai 141
Humihiko Nakamura
Takeshi Nakajo
Survey and Field Study A Study of Quality System Documentation Based on ISO 9000 Series Fumiyuki Sanada 150
Takeshi Nakajo
Applied Research Process Analysis of Parts Manufacturing Using Graphical Modeling Ken Nishina 160
Hiroshi Fujiwara
Norio Irikura
Applied Research Study on Prediction of Misoperation Occurrence Rates in Manufacturing -Listing of Candidates of Misoperation Causing Factors Based on the Principles of Fool proofing- Masahiro Takahashi 170
Takeshi Nakajo
Contributed Article Reconsideration of VE Equation and Deployment of Quality Concept Toshiyuki Mochimoto 182
Contributed Article Reexamination of TQM to enrich corporation activity -Examination from Thinking Ways of Philosophy Hideo Kunisawa 194

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