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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.27, No.3, 1997

Message from Vice-President Shirou Fujita 5
Features HACCP -its Present State
Introduction Know and Implement HACCP Yoichi Kato 6
HACCP System as a Total Hygienic Controlled Food Production Process Sadao Komemushi 7
Current Condition and Trends of Overseas HACCP Tadayoshi Tsujimura 14
HACCP in Dairy Products Hidekuni Nehashi 20
HACCP System on Eating out Industry Takeyoshi Ueno 27
ISO 9000 and HACCP Yoichi Kato 34
Activity Report of Research Section Report of Research Section: Quality Education Tadashi Yoshizawa 39
Reportage The 64th Symposium Masahiko Yamazaki 41
Reportage The 66th Symposium Masahiko Fujita 44
Contributed Paper Conversational Data Analysis System for Graphical Gaussian Modeling Masami Miyakawa 50
Toshiro Haga
Technical Note A Proposal of Supplemental Control Chart for the Simultaneous Control of (x,s) Hiroshi Ohta 61
Etsuko Kusukawa
Contributed Article Value Indices to Fit the Corporate Paradigm Shift and Their Optimum Uses Naoaki Teshima 69
Applied Research One Methodology for Solution Service to Meet Customers' Needs Accurately -Utilization of "customer value" Indices Naoaki Teshima 78
Quality Report A Method for Determining Component Values in an Electric Circuit by Multiple Regression Analysis Ken-ichi Suenami 87

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