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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.27, No.2, 1997

Message from Vice-President For Neo-Management Technology Susumu Yatsu 3
Features QC Circle Activity so far and Here after
Introduction Mitsuru Nitta 4
Brief History of QC Circle Activity in Japan Ikuro Kusaba 5
QC Circle Activities in Organizations: A Consideration from the Viewpoint of Organizational Motivational Theories Hiroshi Kubota 13
QC Circle Activities in Organizations: A Consideration from the Viewpoint of the Human Development and Labor Management Hiroshi Oka 21
Characteristics of QC Circle Activities with Consideration of the Small Groups' Activities Masataka Ohishi 28
QC Circle Activities with Reference to the Social Model of Management Shoji Shiba 35
Substances of QC Circle Activities Yoshinori Iizuka 43
The Current Status and Issues of Dissemination and Promotional Organization of QC Circle Activities Mitsuru Nitta 49
Activity Report of Research Section Report of Technometrics research Section: Introduction to Scientific Data Analysis Masami Miyakawa 58
Contributed Paper Effective Use of FTA to Join Design Technology Information and Make it Organizational Reusable Knowledge Tetsuo Miyamura 69
Contributed Paper Comparison of Determination Coefficient Estimators in the Linear Regression Analysis Yasushi Nagata 78
Contributed Paper A Study on a Method of Strategy Selection for Quality Improvement by using the Ratio of Contribution Rate for Customer Satisfaction to Required Cost Masao Akiba 89
Contributed Paper Recognition of Unnatural Patterns in Process using the Wavelet Transform Hideo Suzuki 97
Takehiro Uchida
Contributed Paper Study on the Mechanisms of Minor-Stoppages Shu-Wen Chang 109
Applied Research Design of Experiments for Screening Tests Considering the Structure of Population -Setting of Testing Condition based on Weibull Regression Model- Masahito Shimazaki 119
Kazuyuki Suzuki

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