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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.27, No.1, 1997

Message from President Yasutoshi Washio 3
Message from President Takanori Yoneyama 3
Features [New Frontiers of Management Technology]
Introduction Looking over TQM from New Frontiers of Management Technology Takao Enkawa 5
Tutorial Forty Years of Operations Research Hiroshi Konno 7
Tutorial Recent Development in Discrete Event Simulation Susumu Morito 13
Tutorial New Trends in Marketing Takeshi Moriguchi 21
Tutorial The Frontiers of Industrial Engineering Mitsuru Kuroda 27
Tutorial Enrichment of Infrastructure for Successful Target Cost and Profit Engineering System Masayusu Tanaka 33
Tutorial From Pyramid Organization toward Network Organization -New Organizational Behavior Research Based Haruo Takagi 41
Tutorial Bird's View on System Building Technology Kazuya Matsudaira 49
Tutorial Frontier of Statistical Software Packages Takeshi Kaneko 57
Reportage The 54th Technical Conference Nobuo Tabe 65
Reportage The 63rd Symposium Tomoo Ishikawa 69
Reportage The 10th Asia Quality Symposium 1996 YOKOHAMA Takahisa Iida 72
Reportage The 26th Annual Conference Noriaki Kanda 75
Reportage Report and Plan of JSQC Activities/JSQC Leaders 84
Contributed Paper A Comparison of the Values of Information from Monitors in Condition Monitoring Maintenance Kazuyuki Suzuki 105
Tomoyuki Sato
Technical Note A New Indicator of Software Productivity Based on Quality Evaluation Hitoshi Fuji 114
Akira Ohmori
Shoko Ogoshi
Ayatomo Kanno
Quality Report Quality Assurance of Cosmetics Reijiro Kobayashi 123
Tohru Miyata
Yutaka Ikeyama

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