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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.26, No4, 1996

Message On Education for Creative Product Planning Noriaki Kanda 3
Features [State of Arts of Japanese Design Review]
Introduction Reevaluate about Design-Review Katsuyoshi Yamada 4
Article A Role of DR in Concurrent Engineering Tadashi Ohfuji 11
Case Method Framework of Design Review for Developing Process Masuji Mukouhara 18
Case Method DR Procedure and DR Management of Large System -DR Activity with Computer- Katsushige Onodera 24
Case Method Design Review for Computer Software Hiroshi Kimijima 30
Case Method Design Review Practice in Fuji Xerox Hitosi Fujiwara 37
Case Method Design Review on Design-built Construction System Kenji Muneta 43
Case Method Design Review for New Units in NISSAN Masakatsu Sano 50
Mitsuki Takahashi
Ryuzo Yamamoto
Tutorial DR in Use's Manual -DR is the Very Communication Akira Ishida 54
Comments Human Aspect of Design Review Hisashi Takasu 56
Reportage The 25th Anniversary of JSQC 52nd Technical Conference Tadashi Ohfuji 60
Reportage The 53rd Technical Conference Shiro Imamura 73
Reportage FUMES 12th Symposium Haruo Hiroba 77
Contributed Paper Effective Prediction of Failure Modes Based on the Concept of "Association" and "Hierarchy" Kyung-hun Jeong 84
Yoshinori Iizuka
Contributed Paper Optimum Maintenance Policy using Simultaneous Monitoring Equipments on Multiple Units Yuta Kawaguchi 93
Kazuyuki Suzuki
Applied Research An Application of Experimental Design Methods to the Research on the Relationships between Product's Quality/Price and Customer's Buying Will Takeshi Nakajo 104
Applied Research Concurrent Engineering Development in the Nissan Primera Project Yasuhisa Tsuda 113
Applied Research Grasping the Improvement Effects of Production Equipment Management -A Proposal of Qualitative Profit-Loss Structure Model- Hiroshi Ozeki 123
Masahiko Munechika
Yoshinori Iizuka

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