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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.26, No.3, 1996

Message from Vice-President Some Comments on TQM Shirou Fujita 3
Features [TQMETQC -so far and Here after] PartU
Introduction Masahiko Oyaizu 4
Article A Step Up forward TQM Katsuhiko Amiya 7
Article Is TQC yet Outdated? Toshinori Arikawa 9
Article Comments from TQC Implementation in the Front Line Osamu Ishikura 12
Article Spiral up TQM Yasuzo Ishitobi 14
Article Essential of TQM Lies on Continuance Seiichi Ogawa 16
Article QFD in TQM is Best Quality on a Retailer Junji Ogino 17
Article The Future View for TQM for Companies Shigetoshi Kitano 20
Article Concentration on the Basic Viewpoint Yasuaki Kiyoura 22
Article Expectation to TQM Gakuji Kuroiwa 24
Article Why isn't TQC Fixed Steadily in the Technology Department ? Shuji Kondo 26
Article Centripetal Force and Centrifugal Force for TQM Promotion Tetsuro Sugiyama 28
Article What was TQC for us Kuniaki Takashima 30
Article Don't Stick to Only Using SQC Tomio Takahashi 33
Article For Whom is Restructuring TQC ? Koji Tanaka 35
Article TQM for 21 Century Nobuo Tsujitani 37
Article TQM-From a General Contractor's Viewpoint Daizaburo Teranishi 39
Article A Critical Remarks from A TQM Promoter Nobiru Nakamura 41
Article Towards TQM Activity of New Era Sense Hiromitsu Noda 43
Article TQC Activity at MTEX MATSUMURA CORPORATION Yukio Hasegawa 45
Article My Experience of TQC Activities and My Opinion of TQM Shinsuke Hara 48
Article On New Activity of Quality Control Kimihiko Yaji 50
Article TQM Activity after Winning Deming Prize Katsumi Yamamoto 52
Article Summary of the Proposal from 22 first-line Managers Susumu Kitajima 54
Invited Article Notes on the Preparing and Revising of Paper to be Submitted Masami Miyakawa 58
Activity Report of Research Section Environmental Management Makoto Kimura 67
Reportage The 60th Symposium Shu Yamada 72
Reportage The 61st Symposium Hideo Kunisawa 76
Reportage The 62nd Symposium Yoshihiro Kawaguchi 81
Reportage The Memorial Symposium and the Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of JSQC Masahiko Munechika 84
Contributed Paper An Analysis of Complexity Features and Metrics Affecting Software Detect Density Hitoshi Fuji 91
Tsuneo Furuyama
Ayatomo Kanno
Applied Research A Method for Maintaining the Traceability of Measuring Equipments Using Kalman Filter Takemi Aizawa 103
Nobuo Takechi
Contributed Article Some Considerations on Ishikawa's Assertion "Japanese Quality Control implies a Revolution Management Philosophy Ken Tanabe 112

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