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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol..26, No.1, 1996

Message from President Takanori Yoneyama 3
Message from President Hitoshi Kume 3
Features [The Quality Assurance of Software in the Client/Server System]
Introduction Kiyohiro Kawai 5
Article Software Quality Management in NE-O-DA-MA era Yoshinori IIzuka 6
Article Quality Assurance Based upon the Lessons Learned from the Past Experiences -Japanese Approach to software Production Ayatomo Kanno 10
Tutorial Open Systems and Software Engineering Toshio Ohno 16
Case Method Quality Assurance Method of Client/Server System in FUJITSU -How to Get High Quality Assurance for CSS at Planning and Developing- Yoshitaka Sakashita 24
Case Method Quality Assurance of CSS in MITSUBISHI ELECTLIC Corp. Tetsuo Tsuchiya 28
Tetsuo Kimura
Yasunori Matsui
Mikio Masuda
Case Method The Method of CSS's Performance Estimate and Evaluation Daisuke Akita 33
Case Method Some Problem of Quality Assurance of CSS in Software-House Naokazu Yamaki 37
Case Method Software Quality Control and Practice in Middle Scale Client/Server System Development Toyakazu Akahane 42
Case Method System Development in the Open Systems Age Toru Ochii 47
Case Method Quality Assurance for Client/Server Systems in INTEC Hiroshi Nishiyama 51
Case Method Quality Assurance Method of Client/Server System in HITACHI Takamasa Nara 55
Kenji Kuwata
Shinji Hasegawa
Reportage The 59th Symposium Tadao Oikawa 59
Reportage The 25th Annual Conference Takeshi Kaneko 62
Reportage The 9th Asia Quality Management Symposium 1995 SEOUL Michiko Tsubaki 69
Reportage The 51th Technical Conference Morio Katsuta 73
Reportage Report and Plan ofJSQC activities/JSQC Leaders 76
Contributed Paper A Test of Three-Factor Interaction in a Three-Way Layout Without Replication Hidemi Kawasaki 97
Masami Miyakawa
Applied Research A Graph Theoretical Approach to a Software Structure Analysis Applying Dulmage-Mendelsohn Decomposition to a function-Data Digraph Xiong Wei 109
Hisakazu Shindo
Applied Research Product Development by means of Concurrent Engineering on the Basis of 2-storied Quality Chart Yasuhisa Tsuda 117

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