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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.25, No.4, 1995

Message from Vice-President Quality Control Education at Universities Yoshitaka Matsumura 3
Features [Innovation in Product Development and Production Process]
Introduction Susumu Kitajima 4
Article Innovation in Product Development and Production Process Tomozo Kobata 5
Case Method Process Optimization of Flowsoldering by Taguchi Method Mutsumi Yoshino 9
Osamu Takenaka
Case Method The Speed is Key Factor for Success in Semiconductor Shuji Imura 15
Case Method Innovation Products Development and Lean Production Yoshito Chikura 22
Yoji furukawa
Case Method New Products Development of High Durable & Staining Preventive Paint[ALES CELA SERIES] Toshiki Komatsuzawa 29
Case Method Shape Memorized Shirts Treated by "VP Process" and the Variation of VP Products Hiroshi Ito 36
Case Method The Relation with TQC and Innovation of New Product Development Tomio Kakihara 43
Case Method New Able Series Development Satoru Komiya 49
Case Method Development and Implementation of Photovoltaic Generations System Hiroyuki Watanabe 55
Activity Report of Research section Production and Society in Globalization Masahiko Munechika 60
Activity Report of Research section Management Cross-Functional Innovation Michiteru Ono 64
Reportage The 58th Symposium Tadayoshi Ooka 75
Reportage FMES 11th Symposium Masahiko Munechika 78
Reportage The 50th Technical Conference Jiro Muramatsu 81
Technical Note The Variables to be Used for Control Charts in Feedback-controlled-Production Processes Takeshi Nakajo 87
Survey and Field Study Study on Effectiveness of ISO 9000 Series Kunio Hikida 95
Fumiyuki Sanada
Yuko Yagi
Takeshi Nakajo

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