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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.25, No.3, 1995

Message Importance of Product Safety under Product Liability System Tetsuo Miyamura 3
Features [Quality and Cost]
Introduction Ryoji Nishihara 4
Tutorial Change of Business Paradigm in Japan Michiharu Sakurai 5
Article How Should Target Costing Be Used? Kazunori Itoh 11
Article Quality and Cost from Viewpoint of QCEVE -Concept for Quality and /or Function on Cost- Tadashi Ohfuji 17
Article The Reduction of Housing Construction Cost -Action Program which Start From Housing Comparison between Japan and USA- Taiyo Kinoshita 23
Case Method A Method of Investment Cost Reduction -Automated Raw Material Bins Stock Control System- Takafumi Iwanaga 30
Yusuke Shiomi
Case Method Innovation of Production System -Challenge the Aggressive Cost Reduction for Production Assembly- Katsuhiro Obata 38
Case Method Cost Reduction at Overseas Production -Approaches to Secure Quality Assurance with Cost Reduction Koji Ishii 46
Activity Report of Research Section The Environmental Benchmarking Research Shin-ichi Okamoto 54
Makoto Kimura
Reportage The 56th Symposium Kazuhiro Mukawa 61
Reportage The 57th Symposium Hidekazu Azuma 65
Reportage The 49th Technical Conference Koji Sugiura 68
Contributed Paper A Method for Evaluating Individual Variation in Paired Comparison Data Masahiro Nozawa 81
Ichiro Iida
Hiroe Tsubaki
Toshiro Haga
Masao Yarita
Tadashi Yoshizawa
Technical Note A Discussion on Determination of Tolerance Based on Regression Shu Yamada 91
Seiji Okugi
Noriaki Kano

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