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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.24, No.4, 1994

Message from Vice-President "Recession and QC" Takanori Yoneyama 3
Features ["Re-designing of Quality Paradigm"]
FAX Discussion "Find a New Paradigm on Product Quality 4
Article Value, Quality and Profits Ryoji Futami 10
Article Quality and Products Liability Tetsuo Miyamura 15
Article Quality and Environment Atsushi Ohtani 22
Article Theory of the Value and Quality in Commodity Science Tomiyoshi Yoshida 29
Article Quality in Marketing Shin'ya Nagasawa 36
Reportage The 53rd Symposium Tatsuro Adachi 47
Reportage The 54th Symposium Hidekazu Azuma 50
Reportage FMES 10th Symposium Takahisa Iida 53
Survey and Field Study Studies of Methodologies Prevention of Products Defect Under Products Liability System Tetsuo Miyamura 59
Hajime Makabe
Applied Research Some Considerations on Application of the Method of Determination of Operating Conduction to Satisfy Quality Requirements Shu Yamada 73
Jun Kojima
Noriaki Kano

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