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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.24, No.3, 1994

Message from the Chairman of the Research and Development Committee Hiroe Tsubaki 3
Features [Some Useful Methods for Product Planning and Development]
Article Marketing, Quality Control and New Product Development Shin-ya Nagasawa 4
Tutorial "Group Interview Method" for Securing Qualified Consumer Needs Nobuyoshi Umezawa 12
Tutorial Methods of Conception for Product Planning Noriaki Kanda 19
Tutorial A Quantitative Analysis for the Preference Level of Product Attributes Asako Hoshino 28
Case Method Consumer Research in the Multimedia Age Makoto Mizuno 35
Case Method Approach to "Attractive Bed" by Applying KANSEI Engineering Shoichi Hashiba 42
Isao Hiraiwa
Takayuki Ishiyama
Case Method Analysis of Image Structure about Lipstick Quality Yutaka Ikeyama 51
Activity Report of Research Section Report of Research Section: Product Liability Tetsuo Miyamura 59
Activity Report of Research Section Report of Research Section: Education and Quality Management Kaneichiro Imai 65
Yoji Akao
Reportage The 52nd Symposium Yasuhiko Seki 71
Reportage The 46th Technical Conference Naoya Hasegawa 75
Reportage Symposium on "Education and TQM" Michiko Tsubaki 86
Survey and Field Study Studies of Quality Assurance Subjects from a Product Safety Point of View by Positive Investigation on Products Liability Cases Tetsuo Miyamura 91
Hajime Makabe
Contributed Article Establishment of Management System for the Development of New-Product, Its Production, Sales and After-Service Takuzo Tooka 104
Quality Report Development & Research of Drainage Plant using SQC Methods Tsuyoshi Yamanaka 113
Masamori Ihara
Isamu Suyama
Atsushi Akita
Hideo Kunisawa
Letter Comment on "Variable Selection Method by S-PLUS in Multiple Regression Analysis Motohisa Hirono 120
Toshiro Haga

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