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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.24, No.1, 1994

Message from President Kaneyoshi Kusunoki 3
Message from President Yoshio Kondo 3
Features [Human Error in Technology Innovation]
Introduction Ryoji Nishihara 5
Tutorial Mechanism of Human Error from Viewpoint of Ergonomics Isao Kuroda 6
Tutorial Management-oriented Human Error Occurrence Mechanisms Takeshi Nakajo 10
Case Method Prevention of Human Errors in Automatically-Operated Chemical Plants Kuniharu Imatou 14
Katsuya Miyanaga
Case Method Preventive Consideration for Human Error Elimination in Multiple-Assembly Line Tetsuo Terabe 24
Case Method Preventing Human Error Under Limited Practical Experience -Aiming for Total Performance as a Team- Hisaaki Yamamori 31
Case Method Human Error Prevention through Standardization for Intangible Output during Processing Takao Fujimoto 37
Case Method Human Error Prevention Practices in Constructors Hiroyuki Ozawa 44
Activity Report of Research Section Report of Research Section: Off-Line Quality Control Yasutoshi Washio 51
Hiroe Tsubaki
Masami Miyakawa
Reportage The 51st Symposium Kazuyuki Suzuki 59
Reportage The 23rd Annual Conference Takeshi Kaneko 64
Reportage The 7th Asia Quality Control Symposium 1993-TOKYO Masahiro Nozawa 72
Reportage The 44th Technical Conference Masakazu Yamamoto 75
Reportage The 45th Technical Conference Jiro Muramatsu 79
Report and Plan of JSQC Activities/JSQC Leaders 83
QC Salon What does "4S" Mean? Haruki Inoue 98
Survey and Field Study An Empirical Investigation on Commonness-between-Products in User's Quality Requirements: A Case Study on the Products Used by the University Students Takeshi Nakajo 101
Quality Report Application of QFD for Relational Study of TQC Activities Versus ISO 9000 Series Hiroshi Kouzuki 110
Kozuo Koura
Tsugio Tomiyama
Acknowledgement to Referees of submitted Papers 117

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