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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.23, No.4, 1993

Message from Vice-President Hitoshi Shiomi 3
Features [Engineering Technology and Statistical Quality Control]
Introduction Atsushi Ootaki 4
Article SQC as a Machine to Reinforce TQC Activities -Positioning SQC as Technology for Intellectual Production Katsuyoshi Yamada 6
Case Method The Impact of SQC on the Site Construction Technology Takehiko Nishino 14
Koichi Yoshizawa
Case Method The Practice of Statistical Quality Control at TOYOBO Hiroshi Noguchi 21
Case Method SQC for Research and Development Motohisa Hirono 28
Case Method The Practice SQC at KOBE STEEL -Activity and Some Application Examples at Iron and Steel Manufacturing Shop- Tatsuo Ishikawa 38
Hiroaki Sakai
Case Method SQC Development and Effects at TOYOTA Kakuro Amasaka 47
Article SQC to Cultivate Engineering Technology and Management Technology Hideo Iwasaki 59
Article Significance of Statistical Methods in Quality Management Yoshinori Iizuka 67
Reportage The 49th Symposium Shoji Oba 73
Reportage The 50th Symposium Hiroaki Sakai 77
Reportage FMES 9th Symposium Nobuo Ueda 80
Contributed Paper Combinatorial Optimization of Selective Assembly -Minimum Variance Criterion Yasuhiro Yamada 85
Takashi Kobayashi
Technical Note Aliasing Pattern between Main Effect and Interaction in L36 Orthogonal Array Masami Miyakawa 92
Quality Report Requirement for Quality Management and Quality Surveillance on the Production Defense Equipments Takeshi Aizawa 98

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