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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.23, No.3, 1993

Message from President Yoshio Kondo 3
Features [How to Assure Quality of Organized System]
Introduction Current System Safety Problems Shin-ichiro Yokoyama 5
Article Toward a System of Maintenance Management with Learning Process Kenji Tanaka 6
Tutorial System Safety and Human Error Yoshio Hayashi 13
Case Method Quality Assurance of Nuclear Power Plant Kazuyoshi Saikawa 20
Case Method JGC's Design and Safety Review for Attainment of Plant Safety Hisami Huruno 29
Case Method Quality Assurance of Telecommunication System Yoichi Kato 36
Case Method Quality Assurance of Banking Systems Noboru Hirata 42
Case Method Quality Assurance of Power Systems Kazuhiro Takahashi 60
Case Method Quality Assurance of Air Transport Service Shiro Nakamura 58
Hiroshi Sogame
Case Method Quality Assurance of High Speed Railway -Takaido Sinkansen Hiroumi Soejima 65
Case Method Quality Assurance of Physical Distribution Service Kiyoshi Shimizu 72
Reportage The 48th Symposium Toshiyuki Iizuka 78
Reportage The 43th Technical Conference Shohei Ishizu 82
Contributed Paper Generalization of Quality Table Concept as a Method of System Description and Its Structuralization Based on Near Decomposability Hisakazu Shindo 95
Applied Research A Method of Assessing Work Management Systems Using Human Error Case Data Takeshi Nakajo 105
Quality Report A Note on Variable Seleciton Methods by S-Plus in Multiple Regression Analysis Taichiro Ueda 114

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