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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.23, No.2, 1993

Message from Vice-President Kaneyoshi Kusunoki 3
Features [How to Assure Software Quality]
Introduction Is Requirements Analysis an Intrinsic Technique in Software Production? Noriaki Kano 5
Tutorial Recent Trends in Software Engineering Koichiro Ochimizu 8
Tutorial Software Engineering in Industry Shin-ichi Honiden 13
Case Method A Study in a University-User Requirement, Volatility and Process Backtrack Tetsuo Tamai 21
Case Method Analysis of Required specifications and Quality Table Takao Fujimoto 27
Case Method A Software Quality Develoyment Model and Its Application -An Attempt to Reflect Software Requirements in Module Designing Takami Kihara 34
Charles E. Hutchinson
Hisakazu Shindo
Case Method An Evaluation Methodology of "Software's Ease-of-Use" Chikashi Ebihara 42
Ryuji Yumita
Case Method Demand Analysis of Games Software Shigeru Saito 49
Case Method Demand Analysis of Package Software -Demand Analysis for Software Used by Majority- Katsuura Kijiyama 53
Article Message from Academia to Industry -Striving to Establish Software Quality Engineering- Yoshinori Iizuka 59
Takeshi Kaneko
Article Message from Industry to Academia Yutaka Ohfude 65
Motomu Koura
Hideko Ngi
Fumitaka Hotta
Toru Matsuodani
Katsuyuki Yasuda
Summary Is it Possible that Software Engineering + Quality Control Yield More Than 2 ? Shinya Nagasawa 70
Michio Kase
Contributed Paper A Method for Evaluating Tolerance of Qualitative Explanatory Variables in Regression Analysis Masahiro Nozawa 75
Tadakazu Okuno
Technical Note A Proposal on Sequential Experiments Method for Plural Quality Characteristics with Requirements Shu Yamada 83
Noriaki Kano
Quality Report Study of Quality Assurance to Protect Plating Pants from Corrosion by SQC -Improvement of Grinding Roughness for Rod Piston by Centerless Grinding Kakuro Amasaka 90
Yuushi Mitani
Hitori Tsukamoto
JSQC Membership -by Prefectures 72

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