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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.23, No.1, 1993

Message from President Yoshio Kondo 3
Message from President Kenzo Sasaoka 3
Features [How to Assure Quality of Parts]
Introduction Susumu Yatsu 5
Article Quality Assurance of Parts Tadashi Ohfuji 6
Article From Viewpoint of Vendor Kiyoshi Ebihara 14
Ryukichi Konaga
Article From Viewpoint of Vendee Hiroaki Ota 17
Yoshihiro Kato
Tadayoshi Ooka
Case Method Quality Assurance in Murata Mfg. Co., Ltd. Koji Shioyama 23
Case Method Quality Assurance in NOK Corporation Katsuhiko Nagasawa 28
Case Method Quality Assurance in Sanyo Electric Works Ltd. Hidenori Kobayashi 34
Reportage The 47th Symposium Yoichi Kato 42
Reportage The 22nd Annual Conference Noriaki Kanda 45
Reportage Report and Plan of JSQC Activities/JSQC Leaders 55
Reportage Revision of the Columns of Contributed Papers and Establishment of Quality Technology Award 69
Contributed Paper Some Considerations on the Determination of Operating Condition to Satisfy Quality Requirements -Its Performance Evaluation and Approximate Solution Shu Yamada 75
Noriaki Kano
Technical Note Design of the Likelihood Ratio Chart Based on the 2-approximation with the Real-valued Degree of Freedom Futoshi Tamaki 84
Akihiro Kanagawa
Hiroshi Ohta
Case Method No.138 Parameter Design of Pressed-Powde Tseter Hiroshi Fukusawa 91

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