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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.22, No.3, 1992

Contributed Paper Determination of Operating Condition Satisfy Quality Requirements Shu Yamada 3
Noriaki Kano
Case Method A Trial of Quality Assurance for Production Process by Quality Function Deployment -Practical Use of Critical Control Point Panel- Kin-ichi Haruta 11
Takashi Kobayashi
Hideo Yoshikawa
Article QC Technology Chihiro Hirotsu 20
Article Quality Control in Japan Ikuro Kusaba 41
Tutorial Foundations of Japanese Society for Quality Control and Activities of Managerial Engineering Liaison Committee -Details of Establishment of New Category "Social System Engineering" in Scientific Research Subsidy (Kaken-hi) Hajime Makabe 50
Tutorial On Activities of JSQC Concerning Newly Established Category, Social System Engineering, in Scientific Research Subsidy (Kaken-hi) Takao Enkawa 55
Tutorial On Activities of ISO/TC69/SC6 (Measurement Methods and Results) Takashi Miyazu 58
Zen-ichi Ojima
QC Salon Qn Null Hypothesis Manabu Iwasaki 65
Activity Report of Research Section Systematization of Total Quality Control Kaneichiro Imai 67
Yoji Akao
Kozo Koura
Activity Report of Research Section Final Report of SQC Case Study Research Section Ken Nishina 76
Noriaki Kanda
Activity Report of Research Section Toward Quality Assurance of Software -Software Quality Assurance Research Section- Hisakazu Shindo 85
Activity Report of Research Section English Translation of the Technical Terms of TQC Implementation Developed in Japan Noriaki Kano 91
Reportage The 44th Symposium Takahisa Iida 97
Reportage The 41st Technical Conference Takeshi Kaneko 100
Reportage Memorial Lecture Assembly/Celebration Party for the Establishment of the Kansai Branch Susumu Kitashima 111

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