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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.22, No.1, 1992

Message from President Youji Akao 3
Message from President Kenzo Sasaoka 3
Technical Note On a Comparison between Sudden Death Life Testing and Type2 Number Fixed Life Testing -The Precisions and the Testing using the Maximum Likelihood Estimators- Kazuyuki Suzuki 5
Kumi Ohtsuka
Masumi Ashitate
Technical Note Maximum Entropy Distribution Based on Incomplete Lifetime Data Tsunenori Ishioka 13
Yasuo Nonaka
Features Market Research on Customer's Needs and Satisfaction, and Quality Planning
Introduction Yukio Shimoda 26
Tutorial Building a Marketing Database and the Basics of Statistical Analysis Sadao Tsuchida 28
Tutorial Customer Evaluation Perspectives and Quality Planning Based on Product Evaluation Factors Takao Enkawa 37
Article Some Considerations Around Fundamental Problems of Customer Satisfaction Masao Kogure 46
Discussions Tatsuo Ikezawa 60
Mitsunori Nakano
Masumi Miyagawa
Case Method Survey of Customer's Satisfaction with Hotel Service and CS Management Ichiro Yoshimura 66
Tutorial On the Activities of ISO/TC69/SC3 Yoshikazu Ojima 73
Reportage The 42nd Symposium Tadashi Asao 78
Reportage The 40th the Technical Conference Kageki Yamaguchi 80
Reportage The 43rd Symposium Haruyoshi Nakamura 84
Reportage The 21st Annual Conference Yukio Shimoda 87
Report and Plan of JSQC Activities 97
JSQC Leaders 108

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