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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.21, No.4, 1991

Contributed Paper Beta-binominal Approximation of a Compound Normal Distribution Observed as Attributes Takenori Takahashi 3
Technical Note Modified Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Three-parameter Weibull Distribution Tsunenori Ishioka 14
Yasuo Nonaka
Technical Note Estimation of Two Means in Split-pilot Design Using Orthogonal Array Susumu Yatsu 22
Special Features Activities of ISO/TC69 (Application of Statistical Methods) and Japanese Response
Introduction Takashi Miyazu 30
Tutorial TC69 and its Activities Tadakazu Okuno 32
Tutorial Activities of SC1 (Terminology and Symbols) Makoto Kadoyama 38
Tutorial Activities of SC2 (Interpretation of Statistical Data) Kazutake Fujino 41
Tadakazu Okuno
Tutorial Activities of SC4 (Statistical Process Control) Ken Nishina 46
Hiroe Tsubaki
Tutorial Activities of SC5 (Acceptance Sampling) Tsuneo Yokoh 51
Special Features Environmental Problems and Quality Control (Continued from Vol.20 No.3)
Tutorial Environmental Management in Electric Power Industry Koji Kaifu 59
Tutorial Environmental Management in Steel Industry Tsuneo Nakamura 66
QC Salon Inventive Teaching Methods for SQC Shinichiro Yokoyama 74
Michiko Tsubaki
Ken-ichi shimura
Kenji Tanaka
Shinsuke Furuya
Kazuyuki Suzuki
Masao Okuhara
Activity Report of Research Section Parameter Design Research Section Finishing Report Masanobu Kawamura 80
Hiroe Tsubaki
Reportage The 39th Technical Conference Susumu Kitajima 85
Reportage Asian Quality Control Symposium 1991-Tokyo Yoshiro Mitsufuji 94
Reportage JSQC 20th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony Susumu Kitajima 97
Reportage The 41st Symposium Shoji Ohba 103
Reportage FMES 7th Symposium: Internationalization and Management Engineering Takao Enkawa 106

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