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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.21, No1, 1991

Message from President Youji Akao 3
Message from President Masao Nemoto 3
Contributed Paper Improved Interval Estimation for the Scale Parameter of Exponential Distribution with an Unknown Location-scale Parameter Yasushi Nagata 5
Features Education of Statistical Methods for Quality Control
Article Education of Statistical Methods for Quality Control Hitoshi Kume 11
Case Method The Practice of Statistical Quality Control Education at Toyota -For Growing Human Resource and Practical Effort- Kakuro Amasaka 18
Hidekazu Azuma
Case Method SQC Training Programs in Komatsu Ltd. Masuo Suyama 26
Case Method SQC Method Training at TDK Yukio Kishi 35
Noboru Honda
Tadayoshi Yamazaki 42
Case Method QC Education in TOTO Ltd. Toshinobu Terao 48
Case Method Education of Statistical Methods in Science University of Tokyo Toshiro Haga 54
Case Method Education of Statistical Methods in University and Applications of Computers -The Education System in Nagoya Commerce and Business Administration- Noriaki Kanda 61
QC Salon Inventive Teaching Methods for SQC Shinya Nagasawa
Manabu Iwasaki
Yasushi Nagata
--- 64
Case Method Derivation of Statistical Equation for Fuel Consumption in S. I. Engines Toshifumi Takaoka
Kakuro Amasaka 70
Reportage The 38th Technical Conference Masahiko Kano 75
Reportage The 38th Symposium Susumu Kitajima 77
Reportage The 39th Symposium Masao Umeda 79
Reportage The 20th Annual Conference Yasuhi Yonenaga
Report and Plan of JSQC Activities 100
JSQC Leaders 102
Acknowledgement to Referees of Submitted Papers

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