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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.20, No.1~4, 1990

Vol.20 No.1

Message from President Masao Nemoto 3
Message from President Hajime Makabe 4
Contributed Paper Economic Design of Reliability Assessment for Stress-Strength Models with Explanatory Variables Tetsuo Miyamura 5
"KANRI" in Japanese Way of Quality Control
Article "KANRI" in Japanese Way of TQC -From Process Control to TQC- Takenori Takahashi 13
Article Maintenance, Improvement and Development -Some Features of Management in TQC- Noriaki Kano 17
Article TQC as a Management Strategy for Organizational Learning Shoji Shiba 25
Masanobu Abe
Tutorial From Deming Cycle to Management Cycle Kozo Koura 37
Tutorial Vertical Management in Japanese Quality Control System -Management in Each Department and Management by Policy- Tokisuke Nohmi 48
Tutorial Cross-Functional Management as a Horizontal Management Kenji Kurogane 56
Tutorial Participation by Everybody and Management -Rotating PDCA Cycle- Tadasu Fujita 62
Tutorial Reality of Management Kaoru Shimoyamada 67
Tutorial Reality of Management -TQC in NEC IC Micro-Computer System Ltd.- Susumu Kitajima 73
Reportage The 36th Technical Conference Masahiko Kano 81
Reportage The 34th Symposium Masamori Ihara 85
Reportage The 35th Symposium Masanobu Kawamura 87
Reportage The 19th Annual Conference Hideo Iwasaki 90
Report and Plan of JSQC Activity 98
JSQC Leaders 107
Acknowledgement to Referees of Submitted Papers 108
General Table of Contents for Vol.15-19 110

Vol.20 No.2

Technical Note A Study on the Properties of Several Statistics for Diagnostics in Regression Analysis Masahiro Nozawa 3
Materials Generating the Weibull Random Numbers Using the Ratio of Uniform Deviates Tsunenori Ishioka 11
Process of Product Planning and Development
Introduction Susumu Kitajima 14
Article Chart for Planning-PDPC Jiro Kondo 16
Case Method Quality of Kao Sofina Cosmetics Takao Tsuji 26
Case Method Development of "Post-it" Notes Shigeru Miyamoto 33
Case Method Development of "Shampoo-Dresser" Taku Ashino 38
Case Method Microclimate-within-Clothing and the Development of clothing Materials Tadashi Harada 46
Case Method Development of Textile Machinery -Centering on Product Planning and Development Process- Noboru Kaneko 54
Kengo Ohgashi
Masashi Ushino
Case Method Process of Design on Foods Serving Kageki Yamaguchi 63
Case Method Development of New Synthetic Rubber Keiji Komuro 73
Activity Report of Research Section Aiming at Establishment of Software Quality Function Deployment -Final Report of Computer Research Section Tadashi Yoshizawa 80
Beyond Traditional SQC Methods
1.Analysis of Model with Interaction

Vol.20 No.3

Tutorial Introduction to Models with Interaction Hiroe Tsubaki 3
Tutorial Discussions on Three Accumulation Methods Motohisa Hirono 10
Masani Miyakawa
Case Study Analysis of Contingency Table by Example Masani Miyakawa 16
Article Some Discussion on Interaction Chihiro Hirotsu 23
2. Control Chart for Attributes
Tutorial Some Discussion on the Variation by Chance Cause of the Control Charts for Attributes Ken Nishina 28
Article Inter-and Inter-subgroup Variations in Control Charts for Attributes Hisakazu Shindo 35
Article State of Control and Quasi State of Control Yoritake Fujino 40
Reportage The 36th Symposium Masanobu Kawamura 45
Reportage The 37th symposium Ken Nishina 48
Reportage The 37th Technical Conference Sueo Abe 51

Vol.20 No.4

Contributed Paper Interval Estimation on Comparison of Two Estimators of Means in Split-plot Design Susumu Yatsu 3
International Standards for Quality Management and Quality Assurance
Introduction Takeshi Nakajo 12
Tutorial Activities at ISO/TC 176 Hitoshi Kume 13
Tutorial Quality System Requirements Specified in ICO 9001 Yoshinori Iizuka 21
Tutorial Quality Systems in the EC Facing the Completion of the Internal Market Akio Hayashi 27
Tutorial EC 1992-Certification,Quality Standards and Some U. S. Responses Edna B. Jacques 34
Tutorial Co-registration of Quality Systems between BSI and UL Masafumi Morita 38
Tutorial International Standards Being Developed in ISO/TC 176
Overviews Yoshinori Iizuka 43
Guide to Quality Management for Service Takeshi Nakajo 46
Quality Assurance on Software Development Shigenobu Kato 49
Development of Guide to Quality Management for Process Industry Tomiya Koyama 52
Quality Audit Mitsuaki Chono 55
Activity Report of Research Section Closing Report of Reliability Research Section Toshiyuki Shimokawa 57
Activity Report of Research Section Concept of and How to Promote Policy Management -Activity Report of Policy Management Research Section (Final Report)- Kozo Koura 60
Reportage Japan Federation of Managerial Engineering Societies: The 6th Symposium Toyokazu Nose 69

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