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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.19, NO1~4, 1989

Vol.19 No.1

Message from President Hajime Makabe 2
Message from President Kaneichiro Imai 3
Contributed Paper An Alternative ARL Solution for CUSUM for Attributes and It's Application Tadao Enkawa 4
Contributed Paper Estimation of Error Variance in ANOVA with Pooling Procedures for Orthogonal Arrays Yasushi Nagata 12
Contributed Paper Some Studies on Average Run Length(ARL) Ken Nishina 20
Activity Report of Research Section Activity Report of Research Section Quality Control in Apparel Industry -Final Report- Hiroaki Nakazato 29
Activity Report of Research Section Result of Questionnaire for Application Status on Quality Development -Report of Quality Deployment Research Section- Yoji Akao 35
Tomoyoshi Naoi
Tadashi Ohfuji
Reportage The 30th Symposium Mikihiko Kurabayashi 45
Reportage The 31th Symposium Masanobu Kawamura 49
Reportage The 18th Annual Conference Nobuo Ueda 52
Report and Annual Schedule from JSQC 59
A Nominal List of JSQC Leaders 68

Vol.19 No.2

Contributed Paper A New Method for Regression Analysis with Censored Data Masahiro Wada 5
Technical Note Quality Feedback in Software Development -A Methodology and Its Practical Application- Akira Ohmori 16
Hajime Ikegami
Mamoru Sugahara
Case Method Standardization of Software Quality Assurance Activities Akira Ohmori 25
Noboru Wada
Tomiko Maruyama
For Quality Control Experts in Future
Introduction Yukihiro Ando 34
Article Expectations to Quality Control Experts Shigeru Mizuno 35
Article Challenge in Revolutionary Age Tetsuichi Asaka 41
Article For Quality Control Experts in Future Maso Kogure 46
Article Expectations to JSQC Yuzuru Yamaguchi 53
Activity Report of Research Section Design of Experiments and Analysis of the Data Obtained -Final Report from Statistical Methods Research Section- Yoshinori Iizuka 56
Case Method Introduction of "Quality Improvement Plan" in Boeing Commercial Airplane Company Toshihiko Kato 63
Case Method Introduction of "New Management System" in Florida Power & Light Co., Ltd. J. Mike Bealle 71
Reportage The 29th Symposium Kazuo Igarashi 77
Reportage The 34th Technical Conference Nobuo Iwamoto 80

Vol.19 No.3

Contributed Paper A Method for Statistical Analysis of Factorial Effects on Weibull Parameters Masami Miyakawa 7
Hiroe Tsubaki 16
Masanori Hashimoto
Contributed Paper A Model for the Analysis of Repeated Measurements and its Application Chihiro Hirotsu 24
Now in U. S. A.
Introduction Kazuyuki Suzuki 24
Materials Now in U.S.A -Promotion and Administration of QC Activity Atsushi Ohtaki 25
Materials Now in U.S.A -Human Aspect Susumu Yatsu 32
Tutorial The History of the Establishment of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award W. Kent Sterett 40
Neil De Carlo
Materials Examination Items of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Yoshinori Iizuka 51
Materials Six Sigma Quality -TQC,American Style- William B. Smit, Jr. 60
Materials Performance Leadership Through Total Quality James A. Fici 71
Materials Development of Quality System in Global Metallurgical Kenneth E. Leach 79
Reportage The 35th technical Conference Sengi Kameyama 89
QC Salon Opinion to "For Quality in Future" -Out Target Yasaka Yamada 102

Vol.19 No.4

Contributed Paper Cumulative Sum Control Chart for Counted Data Applied to the Multi-product Process Ken Nishina 3
Contributed Paper Construction of a Score Method for Testing against Ordered Alternative for Interaction Effects in Two-way Analysis of Variance Model -In the Case of Two Factors with Ordered Levels- Michiko Nakahira 13
Contributed Paper On Double Sampling Plans by Attributes -Its Characteristics and Design Procedures- Akihiro Kanagawa 22
Hiroshi Ohta
Now in U. S. A.
Article Quality Sweating Theory: Crisis Consciousness, Vision and Leadership -Current Status of Quality Activities and Their Driving Force in the United States Noriaki Kano 32
Materials Quality Management of Manufacturing in the United States Takenori Takahashi 43
Katsutoshi Ayano
Materials Now in U. S. A.; Problem Solving Methods and Statistical Techniques Ken-ichi Shimura 53
Yasuo Ohhashi
Materials Recent Trends of Quality Assurance Activity in the United States Yukihiro Ando 59
Materials A Comparison of Reliability Techniques between Japan and U. S. A. -Based on the 6 Kinds of Conferences' Reports- Kazuyuki Suzuki 67
Akihiko Masuda
Hiroaki Obuta
Satoru Yama
Kiyoshi Nikawa
Tamio Hirose
Toshihisa Masuda
Reportage The 32th Symposium Kohsuke Kuji 77
Reportage The 30th Symposium Yasuhiko Seki 81
Reportage Japan Federation Managerial Engineering Societies: The 5th Symposium Junichi Ishiwata 85

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