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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.18, No.1~4, 1988

Vol.18 No.1

Message from President Ken-ichiro Imai 2
Message from President Tatsuo Ikezawa 3
Contributed Paper Analysis of Field Lifetime Data Drawn from Different Observation Periods Kazuyuki Suzuki 4
Quality Control for Tomorrow
Article Quality Assurance Shigeru Mizuno 15
Article Qualitative Data Processing for Customer Quality Requirements Tadashi Ohfuji 21
Yoji Akao 24
Article A Role of Expert System for Quality Control Osamu Furukawa 34
Article Quality Control as Management Science Jiro Kondo 39
Article Interrelationship Among Specific Fields of Q, C and D Shizuo Senju 43
Article Some Idea of QC from the Viewpoint of Commodity Science Tomiyoshi Yoshida 48
Article Approaches to TQC in Service Industries Masao Kogure 54
Article Software QC Activities -Today and Tomorrow- Ayatomo Kanno 59
Article Modern Industrial Organizations and Their Company-wide QC Activities Toshiyuki Mochimoto 65
Article Company Standardization in Future Naomi Yamaki 69
Article ppm Control Koichi Ohba 39
Reportage The 26th Symposium Akio Ohki 74
Reportage The 17th Annual Conference Kaoru Shimoyamada 77
Report and Annual Schedule from JSQC 82
A Nominal List of JSQC Leaders 90

Vol.18 No.2

Contributed Paper Quality of Serving Activities and Customer's Evaluation in Dine-Out Service Industry Kageki Yamaguchi 2
Masao Kogure
Tadashi Ohfuji
Contributed Paper Design of the Multiple Decision Procedure by Two-Dimensional Run for the Simultaneous Control Chart -A Study of the Simultaneous Control Chart Based on Multiple Decision Procedure(3)- Takenori Takahashi 13
Noriaki Kano
Tatsuo Ikezawa
Quality Control and Artificial Intelligence
Ken-ich Shimura 24
Hiroe Tsubaki
Introduction Quality Control and Artificial Intelligence Shoji Ura 25
Tutorial Manufacturing, Test and Artificial Intelligence Tatsuro Aoki 28
Tutorial Quality Control of System/Software Products by Knowledge Based System Hiroshi Tsuji 33
Hajime Hashimoto
Toshio Yamanaka
Tutorial Expert Systems in Data Analysis Hiroshi Shibata 40
Tutorial Expert Systems for High Reliability Design Toru Ogino 48
Shoichi Harui
Kiyoshi Toriyama
Yoshiyuki Inagawa
Teruhisa Ichikawa
Case Method An Expert Systems for Credit Card Applications Assessment Based on the Profiling Method Masayuki Fujita 56
Tetsuo Tamai
Case Method Expert System for Diagnosis Engineering Application Takao Terano 63
Case Method Trends in Artificial Intelligence Morio Nagata 70
Reportage The 32th Technical Conference Masahiro Nagai 77

Vol.18 No.3

Design of Experiments
Article Reconsideration over the Design of Experiments Yasutoshi Washio 2
Tutorial Some Historical Views on Design of Experiments Tsuneo Nakamura 8
Tutorial Some Discussions on the Taguchi Method Masami Miyagawa 12
Tutorial Some Discussions on Interaction in Design of Experiments Kojiro Kawasaki 20
Tutorial Some Discussions on the Design of Experiments -Pooling and Successive Inference- Yasushi Nagata 26
Tutorial A Role of Design of Experiments on Problem Solving Yoshiro Mitsufuji 35
Tutorial Current Status and Issues of Application of Experimental Design Quality Control Masahiko Munechika 45
Yoshinori Iizuka

Vo.18 No.4

Technical Note Interval Estimation on Comparison of Two Estimators of Means Susumu Yatsu 2
Technical Note A Remark on the Test in L16 Orthogonal Array -From a Viewpoint of the Overall Probability on the Error of the First Kind by Pooling Method Masao Okuhara 8
TQC and Information Technology
Article TQC and Information Technology -Trends and Issues in the Future- Hiroshi Osada 12
Article Gathering and Analysis of Marketing Information Hiroshi Odajima 17
Article Utilization and Dissemination of Information in New Product Development Tetsuo Miyamura 34
Tadashi Doi
Masao Nakane
Yoshinori Yasuda
Article The Dissemination and Utilization of Quality Information in the Manufacturing Process Tsuneo Ohno 55
Takahiro Kato
Tadashi Kobayashi
Shigeo Suzuki
Kazuo Matsumoto
Kazuo Sugiyama
Nobuyuki Takakuwa
Shuichi Maki

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