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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.17, N0.1~4, 1987

Vol.17 No.1

Message from President Tatsuo Ikezawa 2
Message from President Ryoichi Kawai 3
Management Tools from Now On
"Management Tools from Now On" Masami Miyagawa 4
Lecture Management Strategy from Now On Koji Kobayashi 5
Lecture The Japanese Mental Climate and System Thinking Takehiko Matsuda 11
Article On the Japanese Way of Production Management Chitoku Kumagai 16
Article Quality Management in Management Engineering Noriaki Kano 23
Discussions Ikuro Kusaba 33
Kenzo Sasaoka
Takanori Yoneyama
Hiroshi Ohta
Tsuneo Nakamura
Rejoinder Noriaki Kano 39
Tutorial Market Segmentation -Significance and Process Takeshi Shimizu 40
Tutorial Distribution Network and Conventional Inventory Control Ryuichi Yoshida 45
Tutorial Concept and Techniques of Total Productive Maintenance Shizuo Senju 49
Case Method Work Scheduling and Management Method for Building Construction Shinji Matsumoto 54
Naoto Mine
Yoshitsugu Uchiyama
Case Method Application of Management Techniques On Making a Middle Term Business Plan in a Division Hidemi Ueda 61
Hiroshi Nakamura
Yoshiro Mitsufuji
Reportage The 30th Technical Conference Kenji Yoshiga 70
Reportage The 16th Annual Conference 74
Report and Annual Schedule from JSQC 80
A Nominal List of JSQC Leader 88

Vol.17 No.2

Contributed Paper The Statistical Distributions of Form Deviation Masahiko Munechika 2
Contributed Paper Design of the Simultaneous Control Chart -A Study of the Simultaneous Control Chart Based On Multiple Decision Procedure(1)- Takenori Takahashi 11
Audit and Diagnosis
"Audit and Diagnosis" Katsuhiko Tsunoda 22
Article Quality Audit and Quality Diagnosis Hitoshi Kume 23
Case Method Audit of Nuclear Power Plant Yukio Yoneda 29
Case Method Audit and Survey Required by ASME B&PV Code Shin-ichi Kumagai 35
Case Method UL Product Safety Certificate Chikafumi Morita 40
Case Method Inspection of Experimental Data Ikuo Horii 44
Case Method Quality Audit in Production Processes Kanemitsu Tuzuki 49
Case Method NISSAN'S Parts Supplier Audit Kinmochi Togawa 57
Case Method President's QC Audit on TAKENAKA Gakuji Kuroiwa 63
Case Method Quality Control Audit by Top Management Atsushi Kuwabara 68
Koji Matsuzawa
Case Method Komatsu QC Prize Eramination for Distributors & Dealers Toru Eiga 73

Vol.17 No.3

Contributed Paper Damage Accumulation Law in Step-Stress Model and Its Application to Statistical Analysis of Reliability Data Tetsuo Miyamura 2
Contributed Paper Design of the Simultaneous Control Chart -A Study of the Simultaneous Control Chart Based On Multiple Decision Procedure(2)- Takenori Takahashi 9
Contributed Paper Properties of Estimator for Cumulative Hazard Function and Its Modification Yasuo Nonaka 19
Masami Miyakawa
Hisashi Kanie
Kazuyuki Suzuki
Technical Note Multivariate Weibull Distribution Based On Shock Model and Parameter Estimation Masami Miyakawa 30
Regression Analysis
Article Effective Application of Regression Analysis Yoshinori Iizuka 35
Tutorial Regression Analysis for Identifying Structural Relationship Hiroe Tsubaki 40
Case Method Control Problems in Regression Analysis Jun Nakasato 45
Ken-ichi Shimura
Case Method Prediction and Regression Analysis -Prediction in Design of Chemical Product Takeshi Nakajo 52
Case Method Regression Analysis for Investigation of Factorial Effect Masami Miyakawa 60
Tutorial Observations and Discussions on Applications of Regression Analysis Yoshikazu Ojima 67
Tutorial Monitoring of Data and Selection of Variables in Regression Analysis Toshiro Haga 73
Tutorial Regression Diagnostics Yutaka Tanaka 80
Tutorial Introduction to Statistical Software Package (Based on My Experience) Shuichi Shinmura 91
Reportage The 31th Technical Conference Ken Nishina 99

Vol.17 No.4

Technical Note Practical Pooling Method in ANOVA for a Random Effect Model Yasushi Nagata 2
Technical Note A Control Chart for Large Number of Non-conforming Units Yoritake Fujino 9
Case Method A Study on the Estimation of Source Apportionment for the Atmospheric Aerosol Using a Ridge Regression Yasutaka Kainuma 15
Shin-ichi Okamoto
Makoto Nishimura
Kiyoshige Shinozawa
Case Method A Study on the Estimation of Source Contribution for the Suspended Particulate Matter -Application of the Factor Analysis/Multiple Regression Analysis Model Shin-ichi Okamoto 20
Masaomi Nakashima
Yasutaka Kainuma
Kiyoshige Shinozawa
Future Problems in Statistical Quality Control
In This Issue Ryuichi Kobayashi 27
Article Future Problems in Statistical Quality Control Tadakazu Okuno 28
Article SQC in the Era when the Defects are Evaluated by PPM Tetsuro Sugiyama 34
Yoritake Fujino
Article Control Engineering Applications to Quality Control Akira Watanabe 36
Kojiro Hagino
Article Computer Applications and Statistical Quality Control Sueo Abe 39
Toshiro Haga
Article Artificial Intelligence and Quality Control Tadashi Murata 42
Syohei Ishizu
Article Experimental Design Koujiro Kawasaki 46
Susumu Yatsu
Article Multivariate Analysis Takayuki Ishikawa 48
Masashi Goto
Article Reliability Tateki Nishi 56
Tetsuo Miyamura
Article Maintainability Hiroshi Asakura 60
Takashi Ichida
Article Qualitive Data Analysis Toshiei Koyanagi 64
Syoji Shiba
Article Quantification Theory Masuo Suyama 68
Tadashi Yoshizawa
Article Problem on Statiscal Methods Tsuneo Nakamura 71
Chihiro Hirotsu
Reportage The 27th Symposium Shin-ya Nozaki 75
Reportage Japan Eederation of Managerial Engineering Societies, The 3rd Symposium Katsutoshi Ayano 81

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