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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.16, No.1~4, 1986

Vol.16 No.1

Message from President Ryoichi Kawai 2
Message from President Masumasa Imaizumi 3
Contributed Paper Studies of Fool Proofs in Work System -Practical Application of Fool Proofs in Manufacturing(2)- Takeshi Nakajo 4
Hitoshi Kume
Contributed Paper The Statistical Distribution of a Dimension in a Machining Process Controlled by a Sizing Device Maashiko Munechika 14
Contributed Paper A Proposal on Structure Analysis of Multiple Choice Question in Questionnaire Survey -Expansion of Quantification Theory áV to the Nth Dimensional Euclidian Space- Soichi Oyama 22
Noriaki Kano
"Software Quality Control" Ryuichi Kobayashi 31
Article Software Quality Control Yoshinori Iizuka 32
Tutorial Requirement Analysis and Prototyping Tetsuo Tamai 38
Tutorial Importance Program Decomposition -The Way of Program Nobumasa Takahashi 44
Tutorial Subconstracting Management and Inspection for Software Masayuki Hoshikawa 50
Tutorial Software Quality Control through the Testing Process Masanori Kataoka 58
Article Software Quality Control -The Coming Subject- Ayatomo Kanno 67
Case Method Software Quality-Assurance of Mechatronics Products Hachiro Sekikawa 73
Case Method Software Quality Measurement and Assurance Technology Motoei Azuma 79
Toshihiko Sunazuka
Reportage The 28th Technical Conference Hitoji Nakano 85
Reportage The 21th Symposium Yasuo Arai 89
Reportage The 15th Annual Conference 95
Report and Annual Schedule from JSQC 101
A Nominal List of JSQC Leader 109

Vol.16 No.2

Lecture Standardization of Rockwel C Hardness Kentaro Yamamoto 2
Contributed Paper A Graph Theoretic Approach for Analyzing Quality Tables Azuma Taguchi 7
Hirohito Kikuchi
Kazuo Seki
Tadashi Yoshizawa
Taguchi's Methods
The Quality Control by Taguchi's Methods Hitoshi Kume 14
Article The Way to Quality Engineering Gen-ichi Taguchi 15
Article Some Problems on Quality and Variety Hitoshi Kume 25
Article The Expection and Requirement for the Taguchi's Methods Kouichiro Iwasaki 29
Shogo Yamamoto
Article The Expection and Requirement for the Taguchi's Methods -Taguchi's Impact in the UNITED STATES- A. Blanton Godfrey/Madhav S. Phadke/Anne C. Shoemaker(Summary; Zenichi Ojima) 33
Tutorial Outline of Taguchi's Methods Tuneo Nakamura 42
Tutorial Analysis of Data By Taguchi's Methods "Accumulating Analysis" Teruo Mori 48
Forum "On Taguchi's Methods"
1. Introduction: Logical and Philosophical Aspect of the design of Experiments by Dr. G. Taguchi Kei Takeuchi 54
2. Discussion 63
Case Method OFF-Line Quality Engineering Hiroshi Yano 68
Case Method Cases of ON-Line Quality Control Yoshiko Yokoyama 76
Case Method The Sensory Evaluation of Whisky New Pot Using Balanced in Complete Block Design Yasuo Asakura 85
Shunzo Aoki
Masao Chino
Activity Report of Research Section Company-wide Quality Control in Apparel Industry Hideaki Nakasato 89

Vol.16 No.3

Lecture What We Got through the Challenge to Win the Deming Prize Masao Nemoto 2
Contributed Paper Evaluation of Process Capability for Skew Distributions Masahiko Munechika 8
Activity Reports of Research Section Theories and Application of Quantifications(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Type) in the Field of Quality Control in Japan Ryuichi Kobayashi 16
Quality Control of Industrial Materials
Quality Control of Materials Tuneo Nakamura 23
Article Quality Assurance of Industrial Materials -The First Step to High Quality Products Goichi Sudo 25
Article Development of Materials and Quality Assurance Akira Suzuki 32
Tutorial Progress of Quality Control in Foundry Shop Jiro Hirata 38
Masanobu Kanemitsu
Toshikazu Ishida
Tutorial Progress of Quality Control in the Cement Industry of Japan Kunihiro Takemoto 45
Tutorial Application of the Methods Used in Quality Control for Development of Silicon Carbide Fibers(NICALONR) Hiroshi Yamazoe 51
Hiroshi Ichikawa
Tutorial Quality Management of Steel Products -Developments and Future- Tadao Kurihara 55
Tutorial Present Situation of Quality Assurance for Fineceramic Product Hideaki Suzuki 61
Kazuo Kawahara
Tutorial The Transition of Quality Control on Silicon Wafers Sadao Kumai 70
Forum "On Taguchi's Method"
3. Lecture; On SN Ratio Methods Gen-ichi Taguchi 77
4. Question and Answers 81
Reportage The 29th Technical Conference 91

Vol.16 No.4

Contributed Paper Estimation of a Parameter of Mixing Index in Beta-Binomial Model Tadashi Yoshizawa 2
Hisakazu Shindo
Ken-ichi Shimura
Osamu Nakano
Contributed Paper A Simplified Design Procedure for Life Testing-Design of Fixed Number Testing and Fixed Time Testing Based on the Kullbach-Leibler Information Ikuo Arizono 11
Hiroshi Ohta
Application of Graphic Methods
Application of Graphic Methods Yasuo Ohhashi 19
Article Quality Requirements of Data Graphics Tadashi Yoshizawa 20
Tutorial Graphical Representation of Multivariate Data -Outline and Utility of the Representation Kazumasa Wakimoto 25
Tutorial Graphical Display EDA Ken-ichi Shimura 34
Tutorial On Graphical Representation Methods for Sensory Data Yasumasa Baba 41
Tutorial Use of Color Imaging in Automatic Classification Noboru Ohsumi 46
Tutorial Some Graphical Methods for Analyzing Data in Statistical Quality Control Applications Robert N. Rodriguez 55
Transrator; Yasuo Ohhashi
Tutorial Graphical Representations in Quality Control on Micro Computer Shigeru Ishikawa 66
Tsugihiro Shu
Case Method Same Examples of Graphical Presentation of Business and Economic Data Michimori Inori 74
Case Method An Application of box Plot for Control Chart Shigeyuki Nakayama 79
Reportage Celebrate The 15th Anniversary of the Foundation Keiko Hasegawa 85
Reportage High Efficiency Society and Humanity Sakyo Komatsu 88
responsible for the wording;The editorial committee of "Quality"
Reportage The 22th Symposium Tetsuro Sugiyama 91
Soga Yoshihiko
Reportage The 23th Symposium Katsuhiko Tunoda 95
Reportage The 24th Symposium Shoichi Kako 101
Reportage Japan Federation of Managerial Engineering Societies the 2nd Symposium Masami Miyagawa 106
Material Result of Questionnaire for "Quality" The editorial committee of "Quality" 110

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