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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.14, No1~4, 1984

Vol.14 No.1

Message from President Kaichi Kanao 3
Message from President Tadakazu Okuno 4
Article Research and Quality Control Yoshinobu Nayatani 5
Article Research, Development and Quality Control in the Company -Existing Problems and Solution- Isao Itsukage 13
Article Discussion on Quality Cost Hitoshi Kume 19
Lecture On Recent Aspects of Reliability Technology Hajime Makabe 24
Lecture Develoyment of Objectives, Measures and Settlement of Control Point -On 13th Extension Lecture (Hiroshima) Yoji Akao 29
Reportage The 24th Technical Conference 36
Reportage The 13th Annual Conference 38
Reportage The 15th Symposium Akashi Fukuhara 46
Contributed Paper On Extending Bradley-Terry Model to Incorporate Various Kinds of Order Effects Chihiro Hirotsu 52
Contributed Paper Nonparametric Estimation of Reliability Function in Competing Risks Model Masami Miyakawa 59
Hisashi Yamamoto
Case Method The Function of R&D Division for the Development of New Products Nagamitsu Sato 68
Case Method Policy Control of Technical Research Center Tomoaki Murakami 77
Case Method A Role of Research and Development Departments in Quality Assurance -The Recent Status of Quality Activities of R&D at Muroran Plant Koreaki Suzuki 82
Case Method QC Circle Activities on Research and Development Phases -At NEC IC Microcomputer System, Ltd. Susumu Kitajima 93
Report and Annual Schedule from JSQC 100
A Nominal List of JSQC Leader 108

Vol.14 No.2

Article On Aspects of Product Quality -Product Variety & Quality Koichiro Iwasaki 3
Article Various Concepts on Quality Shoichi Shimizu 9
Activity Report of Research Section Activity Report of Quality Research Section Takeshi Kayano 14
Contributed Paper Studies on the Fool Proofs in Work System -Principles for Fool Proofs Takeshi Nakajo 20
Hitoshi Kume
Contributed Paper Estimation Method of Lifetime based on the Record of Failures during the Warranty Period Kazuyuki Suzuki 28
Contributed Paper Attractive Quality and Must-Be Quality Noriaki Kano 39
Nobuhiko Seraku
Fumio Takahashi
Shin-ichi Tsuji
Case Method Product Development based on "KIKAKU-HINSHITSU-HYO"-Quality Objective Table- Akio Uchiyama 49
Case Method Quality of Alcoholic Liquors Isao Itsukage 54
Tetsuya Motoyama
Case Method Quality on Buildings -Contribution to Clients, Users and the Public- Ryoji Nishihara 58
Ichiro Tomizawa
Case Method Quality of Cosmetics and Perfumery Hisashi Takasu 63
Koichi Syukuzaki
Tadayoshi Miyashita
Case Method Our Concept on "Quality" of Office Automation Akiura Yamada 72
Takeomi Nagafuchi
Case Method Quality of Semiconductor Norihisa Matsukawa 78
Case Method Quality of Shaver Kougi Okuda 83
Hiroshi Niki
Case Method An Approach to Software Quality Assessment Akinori Morita 89
Sakae Karita
Case Method On the Viewpoint of Drug's Quality in Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd. Setsuo Nakagami 94
Case Method Conception of Quality in J. S. W. - Quality of Very Large Integral Type Low Pressure Turbine Shaft Forgings- Saburo Kawaguchi 99
Koreaki Suzuki
Yoshio Okubo

Vol.14 No.3

Article Quality Control and Market Research Takeshi Kayano 3
Article Process of the Development of Marketing Research in Japan Kin-ichiro Saito 7
Article Some Survey Technique Desirably to be Used in Market Researches Akira Asai 11
Tutorial Planning and Control of Marketing Survey Akira Funato 20
Tutorial The Thought and Actuality of Market Research -The Proposal for "Dynamic Quality Control"- Takuji Kuramoto 27
Reportage The 25th Technical Conference 36
Reportage The 16th Symposium Hisakazu Shindo 44
Contributed Paper Single Variables Sampling Plans of the "Point-of-Control" Type Based on Non-Normal Distributions(T): Weibull Case Kinji Takagi 49
Mitsuhiro Sugiyama
Contributed Paper Estimation of Inter-and Intra-subgroup Variations Based on the Chart Hisakazu Shindo 59
Case Method Quality Requirements Deployment for Service on Passenger Air Transportation -A Method of Analysis for Free Answer on Marketing- Yoji Akao 68
Shigeru Imaida
Koji Omura
Nobuhiro Yamamura
Jun-ichi Mitoro
Case Method A Market Research Methodology and Case Study on Bus Service Quality Yoshiyasu Yamada 75
Case Method Kamatsu's Collection System of Quality Information on Field Machine Kaoru Shimoyamada 83
Case Method The Development of Konica CV Yasuo Uchida 88
Case Method Market Research System of Daiwa Seiko Tatsuo Sugimoto 90
Case Method The Survey Report of SEKISUI HEIM Customer's Satisfaction Eiichi Irino 92
Shirou Fujii
Case Method Era of New Quality Takashi Kobayashi 97

Vol.14 No.4

Article Cross Function Management and It's Practice Shigeru Aoki 3
Article Management by Products and Management by Function -Strategic Management and TQC- Toshiyuki Mochimoto 9
Tutorial Quality Control and Quantification Theory Ryuichi Kobayashi 15
Tutorial Sensitivity Analysis in Theory of Quantification and Its Applications Yutaka Tanaka 21
Lecture TQC from Now Shigeru Mizuno 29
Reportage The 17th Symposium Tetsuro Sugiyama 33
Contributed Paper Generation of Dummy Variables and Variable Selection in Quantification Theory T and U Toshiro Haga 40
Technical Note Application of Quantification Theory to New Chemical Products Development Yasutoshi Washio 48
Material Panel Discussion at the 16 Symposium -Cross Functional Management- Shigeru Aoki 53
Yoji Akao
Ken-ichi Sato
Kaoru Shimoyamada
Tadayuki Tetsuhashi
Toshiyuki Mochimoto
Case Method Cross Functional Management in Quality Assurance Kaoru Shimoyamada 63
Case Method Cost Control: The Case of Toyota Auto Body Ken-ichi Sato 70
Case Method Cross Functional Management on Production Engineering Hiromichi Noda 77
Tadayuki Tetsuhashi

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