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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.13, No1~4, 1983

Vol.13 No.1

Message from President Tadakazu Okuno 3
Message from President Ryusuke Nishimura 4
Article Quality and Reliability -Examine-What is Quality- Kaoru Ishikawa 5
Tutorial Failure Analysis in Reliability Engineering Hiroshi Shiomi 11
Tutorial Design Technology for High Reliable System Ayatomo Kanno 17
Lecture A Fresh Look at SQC Tadakazu Okuno 23
Lecture Management and Quality Control Tatsuo Sugimoto 28
Reportage The 22nd Technical Conference 31
Reportage The 10th Symposium Fumio Ookusa 34
Reportage The 12th Annual Conference 40
Contributed Paper Biases and Mean Square Errors of Estimators Using Weibull Probability Paper Masami Miyakawa 47
Technical Note Analysis of Experimental Data by Mean of Analysis of Factorial Effect -A Graphical Procedure in the Place of ANOVA Sumio Maeno 54
Case Method Structural Integrity of the Transport Aircraft Tadao Kamiyama 63
Case Method Reliability and Quality Control of the Serial Prints Tsuyoshi Watanabe 69
Kunio Nakano
Eizo Yamada
Mitsugi Tanaka
Case Method Present Status and Reliability of Automatic Mechanical Test System Shozo Saito 78
Case Method Accelerated Life Test (Automobile) Mitsumasa Shigematsu 89
Masashi Shigemori
Report and Annual Schedule from JSQC 96
A Nominal List of JSQC Leader 104

Vol.13 No.2

Article Quality and Economy Shizuo Senju 3
Article Quality and Cost -The Concept and Management- Masao Umeda 9
Reportage The 11th Symposium Shin-ichi Makishima 16
Reportage The 12th Symposium Kazunobu Arai 23
Contributed Paper A Simplified Design Procedure for the Single Sampling Plans by Attributes with Given Producer's and Consumer's Risk Akihiro Kanagawa 32
Hiroshi Ohta
Contributed Paper A Doodness of Fit Test for the Bradley-Terry Model by a Multiple Comparisons Approach Chihiro Hirotsu 37
Technical Note Systems Approach to QC Systems of Job Production Osamu Furukawa 46
Masao Kogure
Shohei Ishizu
Naohiko Yagi
Technical Note Consistency of Quality-Engineering and Precoordination Osamu Furukawa 60
Hideya Ishizuchi
Shiro Kakami
Material The Activities and Their Economical Effects in the Deming Prize won Enterprises Noriaki Kano 67
Hideaki Tanaka
Yukio Yamaga
Case Method An Activity of a Failure Cost in a Design Phase Hiroshi Ito 76
Hideto Tanifuji
Case Method Quality Management at Kojima Corporation Masakatsu Yasu 84

Vol.13 No.3

Article Evolution of Quality and Evolution of Quality Functions Shigeru Mizuno 3
Article Recent Tendency of Quality Evolution Yoji Akao 9
Tadashi Ohfuji
Reportage The 23th Technical Conference 20
Reportage The 13th Symposium Yukihiro Ando 29
Contributed Paper Chart and Its Operating Characteristics Hisakazu Shindo 40
Technical Note A Study on Error of Experimental Data for "A Graphical Procedure" Sumio Maeno 49
Technical Note Quality Table for Service Industry and an Application of Quantification Theory(Vj to It Hisakazu Shindo 53
Tadashi Yoshizawa
Masaaki Miyajima
Technical Note Quality Evolution Including Cost, Reliability and Engineering -Part1 Desing of Quality,cost and Reliability- Yoji Akao 61
Tadatoshi Ono
Akira Harada
Hideharu Tanaka
Kazuo Iwasawa
Technical Note Quality Evolution Including Cost, Reliability and Engineering -Part2 Evolution of Engineering, Cost, Subsystem and Process- Yoji Akao 71
Tadatoshi Ono
Akira Harada
Hideharu Tanaka
Kazuo Iwasawa
Activity Report of Research Section Preliminary Test in Regression -Activity Report of System Analysis Research Section- Cho-ichiro Asano 78
Hiroshi Ohta
Case Method Evolution and It's System for Development of New Product -Case Study on Application of Quality Table- Takao Taniguchi 83
Masakatsu Miura
Case Method Quality/Cost-Evolution Chart of a Technique for the Development of a New Product -The NE Extraction Method for Planning Quality and Achieving Target Production Cost Based on Quality Evolution- Akira Hasegawa 92
Yoshinori Maekawa
Kenji Aizawa
Case Method Quality Evolution System of Komatsu Ltd. Oyama Plant Masayuki Takahashi 98

Vol.13 No.4

Preface Towards a Fresh Look at SQC Tadakazu Okuno 3
Article Current Topics on Statistical Quality Control and Inspection Yoritake Fujino 4
Article Noriaki Kanoh 10
Tutorial Data Analysis in Quality Control with Special References to Multivariate Analysis Yauo Ohashi 15
Tutorial Current Status of Marketing Research -From the Field of Data Collection- Kazuo Kobayashi 30
Forum What is Expected for Study on SQC from Company Side Editorial Comittee 36
Reportage The 14th Symposium Isao Itsukage 43
Contributed Paper CUSUM Charts in Process Adjustment Ken Nishina 47
Contributed Paper One Generalized Preventive Maintenance Model Hajime Makabe 56
SQC Review Acceptance Sampling -Recent Activity of ISO/TC69/SC5 and Related Matters Tsuneo Yokoh 64
Case Method Quantifying of Sensory Evaluation Hideo Sato 70
Kunio Iijima
Yoshitaka Matsumura
Case Method The Way of Intensive Designing Procedure Kazuhiro Yoshinobu 77
Youichi Yoshihiro
Case Method On Difficulty of Making Judgement Sho Kamiiisaka 85

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