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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.11, No.1~4, 1981

Vol.11 No.1

Message from President Ikuro Kusaba 3
Message from President Kan-ichiro Ishibashi 4
Tutorial Latest Tendency on ISO TC/69 Tsuneo Yokoo 5
Lecture Japan and Quality Control Ikuro Kusaba 10
From Abroad Abstract of "Workshop on SQC" Yasuhiko Hosono 14
Sigeo Kase
Reportage The 18th Technical Conference 19
Reportage 10th Annual Conference 23
Contributed Paper An Application of Constellation Graph to Sensory Test - Processing Method of Sensory Test Data(U) - Hiroshi Ohta 27
Sigeo Kase
Case Method Quality Assurance Activity in Multi-Unit Housing Bun-ichiro Hanabusa 34
Case Method The Effective Operation in Design Review Process Hisashi Mizoo 41
Case Method The Role and Significance of QC in General Merchandise chain Store - The Fruit of QC Dept. in Textile Merchandising and View for 1980 Decade - Yoshihiko Kato 49
Report and Annual Schedule from JSQC 57
A Nominal List of JSQC Leader 63

Vol.11 No.2

Article Management and Company-Wide Quality Control Shigeru Mizuno 3
Article Consideration on Quality Assurance Hajime Makabe 10
Tutorial Quality analysis by Personal Computer Michio Kase 15
Norihiko Nagai
From Abroad The Situation is not so Bad. That's a Problem of U.S.(Part U) -Interview with Dr. J. M. Juran- Noriaki Kanoh 23
Contributed Paper A Theoretical Study on Configurations of Quality Control systems(No.1)-A Study on the Consistency of Quality and of Engineering- Osamu Furukawa 30
Hideomi Ikeshoji
Hideya Ishizuchi
Contributed Paper A Theoretical Study on Configurations of Quality Control systems(No.2)-A Study on the Coordination of Quality Control Systems- Osamu Furukawa 37
Hideya Ishizuchi
Forum Quality Control Activities for Software Production Ryuichi Kobayashi 45
Case Method Quality Control of Clerical Works -Inventory Control- Hideo Yoshikawa 46
Case Method A Study of Quality Assurance System in Nuclear Industry Sigeru Miyoshi 52
Case Method Quality Assurance Activity in Plan, Design and Trial Produce Tsuyoshi Nikaido 57
Yukio Toyoguchi
Case Method Quality Control System of Arc Furnance Melting of Steel Castings Hiroshi Takeshita 66

Vol.11 No.3

Article An Approach to New Job Design and Its Example Rintaro Muramatsu 3
Tutorial Revision of JIS Z 8101-1963(Glossary of Terms Used in Quality Control) Shin Miura 10
Forum What is Expected for University Education on SQC From the Industries? Tetsuichi Asaka 14
Masao Suzuki
Torisuke Nohmi
Takashi Miyazu
Hideo Yoshikawa
Kojiro Kawasaki
From Abroad University Education on SQC in Foreign Country Gen-ichi Taguchi 20
Yoshikazu Tsuda
Hiroyuki Takahashi
Katsutoshi Ayano
From Abroad A Comparison of the Quality Control Between Japan and Europe -For the Closs-Cultural Extension of Japanese Experience in Quality Control Yoshikazu Tsuda 27
Contributed Paper On Single Sampling Plans by Attributes with Given Producer's and Consumer's Risk Yoritake Fujino 33
Tadakazu Okuno
Contributed Paper A Study on Estimation of the Parameters of the Dynamic System in the Quality Design System(No.2) Osamu Furukawa 42
Satoshi Iida
Case Method High Quality Assurance System on Electronic Components Nobuo Tabe 52
Case Method Quality Control in Banking Jiro Tsukahara 60

Vol.11 No.4

Article Office Automation and Quality Control Mikio Shoji 3
Tutorial Reliability Theory and It's Engineering Applications Hajime Makabe 11
Reportage The 7th Symposium Kohjiro Kawasaki 18
Reportage The 19th Technical Conference 24
Contributed Paper The Estimation of the Characteristics of the Lognormal Distribution Using Probability Paper Takashi Ichida 31
Contributed Paper Comparison of Practical Procedures of Population Mean Estimation with Small Samples(T) Yoshikazu Ojima 41
SQC Review Microprocessor and Quality Control Ryuichi Kobayashi 57
Case Method Example of Application of Control Points in a Production Process - An Application of p-chart in a Packaging Process - Masaichi Itoh 63
Kouji Tonegawa
Case Method Hiromu Yamada
Automatization and Quality Control in Semiconductors Assembly Process Yutaka Yoshikawa 69
Shigeru Suzuki
Akira Hasegawa

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